York Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Parent company of york gas furnace is York International Corporation. While other brands take big name as company title, York does it differently. York is actually name of ac city where company started its business in 1874. Back then, this company manufactures ice machine. Years later, they switch to air conditioning system.

On the lines of York product, buyers will get three options: Affinity, LX and Latitude Series. Each product offers alternate level of efficiency. Affinity has highest efficiency level; buyers could actually compare it to other furnace brands. LX Series includes both variable and two stage modulation. As for Latitude, it only includes single stage modulation product.

Nowadays, popular furnace brands often brag about their AFUE rating and also Energy Star label. These are must-have standards for great products. Higher AFUE percentage means better unit performance and less waste. York models’ AFUE rating starts from 80% to above 95%. Unfortunately, only three items has Energy Star label.

Buyers could get wide variant of options from York. In addition to different series, buyers will see different size for each model. Money wise, york furnace prices belongs to moderate category; it is cheaper than top brands but a little bit more expensive than budget brands.

York Furnace Features Analysis

Before buying anything, buyers must be sure that certain product is best pick. It will work well and fit perfectly to house’s need and climate change. How do these buyers measure product’s suitability? First thing they should do is checking product features.

ClimaTrak Comfort System

Many furnace units are built based on certain climate. In the other words, machines’ durability is somehow related to area’s temperature. Then what about your own perfect temperature? Is it possible to set furnace unit to your standard? ClimaTrack Comfort System from York answers this question for you.

This amazing feature allows contractors or dealers to set certain temperature for each machine. The instructions come from buyers; how warm or cold they want their house to be. No matter where they live; humid, temperate or dry environment, ClimaTrak could set dream house temperature.

How does it work? Instruction from controller will be directed to blower motor, coolant valve and air conditioner compressor. These three elements are going to work together to reach desired temperature.

Variable Speed Fan

The title of this feature already describes its ability. A variable speed fan could freely switch its power to adjust recent temperature. Two stages fan only have partial and full speed option. One stage fan works with similar power the whole year. Among these three, variable speed fan is the most efficient. It works on steady energy usage, about 40% capacity.

Until now, only Affinity series have incorporated Variable Speed Fan. This feature is directly connected to ClimaTrak, allowing the setting to control fan speed and reach ideal temperature. Previous buyers who have bought the unit admit that this fan helps to cut their energy bill. In addition, it keeps silent operation.

Modulating Burner Design

Each of York machine part works hard to give ideal comfort to all buyers. It also applies to Modulating Burner Design. It is an inseparable chain to ClimaTrak and Electronic Commutated Motor (ECM) fan. As long as these three parts support each other, they will be able to maintain requested temperature from buyers.

If electric fan control cooling system, then modulating burner monitors and adjusts heat level. Even for slight temperature change, burners will either raise or lower its heat. Since it is connected to smart system, buyers don’t need to personally adjust terminal control every single time.

In short, modulating burner role is quite important within the system. Without it, comfortable environment might not come true. Also, this unique design produces low level of noise although it continuously adjusts itself.

York’s Model Recommendation

1. TG8S

It belongs to Latitude Series. Despite of coming from low tier series, TG8S proves that it could be best pick for buyers. Reviews from current users are very supportive. They claim that this unit has not once been error. As long as contractors install them properly, there should be nothing going on with the machine.

For efficiency level, it reaches 80%. While some products are more suitable to certain installation position, TG8S works with any. In addition, it has compact 33 inches height. Buyers could put it in limited space. For error checking, TG8S relies on self diagnostic monitor.

2. TM8Y

Zone 3 is known to have warm climate. For this reason, they are suggested to take furnace machine with 80% efficiency level. It works perfectly without any troubles. From York brand, most recommended model is TM8Y. This unit includes two stages burners, which will better adjust to meet buyers’ comfort level.

In addition to all those features, TM8Y also incorporate ECM fan motor, despite of being in low tier line. It is built to last for years. Just like TG8S, this unit comes in compact size, so it could fit into limited space. It has strong fan motor to make sure fair air contributor.

3. TM9V

This model is part of LX series. Manufacturers want to combine comfort and efficiency. Buyers will love its quiet operation. Thanks to its constant blower, TM9V could distribute heat evenly to each room. This blower is also able to catch up with climate difference. Another name for this ability is variable speed.

Are buyers curious about TM9V’s AFUE rating? It boasts 96% capacity in each unit. More beneficial feature from TM9V is self diagnostic monitor. Buyers only need to check this monitor regularly to see if there is any error. Heat exchanger for this unit is made from aluminized stainless steel.

4. Affinity YP9C

Affinity is practically the best product from York. All fancy features could be found in this product. Since the beginning, model from this series is made to convey elegance, efficiency and top performance. YP9C gains much attention as it won Best Buy Award not too long after it was released.

It has Energy Star label, which buyers claim to be very helpful to save energy cost. Its modulation design also maintains requested heat level to provide maximum comfort. Furthermore, YP9C is known as one of quietest gas furnace in the industry.

York Gas Furnace Prices By Model

Salesman has a good trick to make buyers think they make a good purchase. It is no other than giving comparison of two different models with different capacity. At first, one will be more promising than another overpriced product. In fact, buyers should compare two different products with similar capacity.

1. Affinity YP9C & YPLC

Both are top tier in York product. Each also offers above 92% efficiency level, has Energy Star label and operates quietly. However, they are sold for different price. Keep in mind that bigger size gas furnace might call for more expensive price. Here is the price for a unit installed for 2000 square feet area.

For one unit, YP9C is sold around $2050. On the other hand, YPLC has lower price tag; only $1850 per unit. In order to get YP9C installed, buyers must prepare at least $3700 for each. YPLC installation cost including the unit is slightly cheaper; $3500 per unit.

2. LX TM9M & TM8Y

Second class for York brand is LX series. Just like Affinity, there are several different models to choose from. Starting from this series, buyers could get gas furnace for under $1500 per unit. Before deciding which model to take, don’t forget to consult trusted contractors and see which zone your house belong to.

It shouldn’t take too long to save money for buying unit only of TM9M. It costs around $1400 for one unit. Its installation fee is about $1600. In total, buyers will pay $3000. As for TM8Y, one unit price is $1000. For installing this unit, contractor might ask for $1550. So, total expense is more or less $2550.

3. Latitude TG9S & TG8S

Both are budget models from York. No wonder, each unit has affordable price. TG9S could be bought for $1250, while TG8S is sold for $800 per unit. Installing both products at home will cost $2870 at the highest and $2300 at the lowest.