Trane vs Carrier vs Lennox Furnace Review

Purchasing a new furnace can cause headaches since there are many brands and models available in the market. Some brands offer cheaper prices, but they have shorter durability compared to high-end brands. Each brand also has various models at different prices. But among a big list of brands, are there any top three most popular brands?

Trane, Lennox and Carrier are considered the top three HVAC industry. These three brands are recommended due to efficiency, quality and enormous marketing funds. These three brands are popular and considered the best brands among others.

Below is the detail information on the common features that you can find in Trane, Carrier, and Lennox as well as the differences among these three brands. This information is compiled based on the HVAC contractors and technician who are familiar with these three brands. There are also few tips on how to get the best price for the unit and installation.

What Lennox, Trane and Carrier Furnaces Have in Common

Carrier, Trane and Lennox Furnaces have similarities in certain feature including efficiency, condensing technology, WIFI system and Full HVAC. First, let’s find out how each brand divides its product in series. Carrier and Lennox use the series name to divide the quality of their product,

Carrier has three series, Comfort as the basic series. Performance as the mid-level series and Infinity as its best series. Lennox has Merit as the basic series, Elite as mid-level or better series and Signature series as the best or highest series. Trane is a little bit different since it doesn’t have a series name, but it also offers units on similar ranges.

Most furnaces from Carrier, Lennox and Trane which has 80% efficiency are available in a single-stage or two-stage furnaces. For furnaces with 90% up to 97%, these three brands offer from single, two and variable stages depends on the models that are produced.

To choose the right model based on efficiency, you also could consider the climate zone in your area and your budget. It is recommended to consult with an HVAC contractor before you purchase one of the models from these brands. The top-line with the highest efficiency is the best product but you probably will not need it based on your climate zone.

The top-line product from Carrier, Lennox and Trane use condensing technology which means it features second heat exchanger which it will help to maximize the usage heat which are created by the unit. Not all other brands have this technology.

Since these three brands are considered as the three best brands of the HVAC industry, the best series from each brand is supported by Wi-Fi systems for the thermostats. These three brands also provide apps which allow the homeowner to control and monitor the furnace system even if they are away.

Not only furnace but Carrier, Lennox and Trane are also popular for their other HVAC products such as heat pumps, ventilation for the whole house, air conditioners, thermostats and air purifier. Many contractors are familiar with these three brands due to the popularity of the HVAC products.

The Differences

After knowing the common features from Trane, Carrier and Lennox furnaces. Now, let’s look at the differences among these three brands. Below are the differences among Trane, Carrier and Lennox.

#1. Efficiency

Even though Lennox is well known as the highest energy efficiency, however, other 2 brands are already improved in a few years which enable them to compete with Lennox. Lennox highest energy efficiency is 98.7%, it also has 97.5% and 96% efficiency offered from other models. Carrier top-line product has 98.5% efficiency and the other two models offer 96.7% efficiency.

Trane top-line product has 97% efficiency and another model has 96.7% efficiency. Even though the difference is quite small, however, if we count it in the long term it could make a big difference in how the homeowner will save the heating costs.

#2. Variable Capacity Heating

Each brand offers variable-capacity heating in certain models. A variable-capacity furnace is helpful to give precise control of the balanced temperature inside of your house. Lennox SLP98V has a variable capacity from 35% until 100%. Trans XC95M has a variable capacity from 40% to 100% capacity. Carrier Infinity 98 or Carrier 59MN7 has a variable capacity from 40% to 100%. All these three products have 1% increments.

#3. Features

Each brand offers similarity in features that could be found in various models but have different names. Humidity control in Trane called Comfort-R, Infinity Touch in Carrier and Climate IQ in Lennox. For communicating system, Trane has ComfortLink II, Carrier has Infinity and Lennox has iComfort.

For Smart Thermostat, Carrier has ComfortLink II, Carrier has Infinity, Cor and Lennox has iComfort S30. Each brand is compatible with smart home technology; Trane is compatible with Nexia, Lennox is compatible with Alexa and Carrier is compatible with Alexa, Cor and Smart Home.

#4. Heat Exchangers

It is difficult to find the differences between Carrier, Lennox and Trane for the winner heat exchangers. Each brand uses aluminized steel for the primary heat exchangers and stainless steel for the secondary heat exchangers.

#5. Warranties

Each brand has its policy of the warranties even Carrier and Trane have the most similar warranties. Some units from Trane and Carrier have a lifetime warranty for primary and secondary heat exchanger. Lennox offers 20 years warranty for primary heat exchangers only and no warranty for secondary heat exchanger. However, Lennox warranty is still valid and not reduced if don’t register the warranty.

#6. Repair Record and Parts Availability

These three brands have a good reputation in the repair record. For the first 7 years installation, there are only 13% of furnaces repair required from Trane, 15% from Carrier and 16% from Lennox. For parts availability, Carrier is the winner since the parts could be found easily and affordable. On the other hand, Lennox is the weakest one since it uses only Lennox-brand parts which sometimes the homeowner needs to wait to get the parts available.

#7. Price

These three brands are considered as premium furnace brands. Carrier and Trane have a little bit higher price than Lennox. However, with Lennox available parts issues, the cost of repairing Lennox will be more expensive than the other two brands.
Getting the Best Prices on Equipment and Installation

To get the best price for the unit and installation, you will need to compare quotations from several contractors. To choose the right contractors, consider the contractors that have more than one brand that they sell, so they will not push you to purchase a certain brand. You will also need to make sure that the contractor has a good reputation. Insured and licensed.

Don’t get tempted with much more lower prices, since there could be some cutting expenses that they will not do for installation or hiring an inexperienced technician. Remember that the installation is as important as the brand itself. You also need to reject a quotation that gives you a much higher price than others because it could be that they add up not important equipment in the quotation.

If you check some online reviews, the manufacturer website usually will have the high-rating reviews. When the homeowners are happy with the products, they will get excited to leave positive reviews and comments on the website. However, if the homeowners experience problems and failures on the products, they will usually go to the independent review sites to give their negative reviews about the brand. Therefore, always check these two kinds of sites to get more balances reviews of the brands.