Trane Gas Furnace Buying Guide – Prices And Reviews

Are you planning to get trane gas furnace for your house? Many buyers admit that Trane are their best purchase so far. However, some others disagree. These people usually take Trane just because it is very popular or recommended by other buyers. They don’t do any further research about this brand.

There are a lot factors you should know about a furnace’s brand before buying it. First, buyers should learn special features of the product. They usually compare these features to some other competitors. See whether they could win the competition. Next, buyers want something efficient. Most brands offer 85% to 90% efficiency. Trane does too, but in different models.

As buyers learning about Trane’s models, they will be able to see how products’ features are limited by its price. Thus, buyers should decide which products to choose. Will they choose features over price or take best value product instead?

Trane Furnace Features Analysis

Each brand has its own offers. They are often used as lucky charm to attract more buyers. Fortunately, these features work just fine and really add some value to raise overall performance.

Comfort R Solution

Have you ever experienced uneven heating? Being closer to heating unit, you will be warmer. Conversely, any room that is too far from heating unit will be the coldest one. With Comfort R solution, buyers will get right temperature in every room.

It is a setting for unit’s internal fan. Blower will slowly increase its activity as compressor loads up. How could it make big difference? The answer is simple: blower removes more moisture so overall temperature could be warmer.

Clean Effect

One of most troublesome problem with furnace is the quality of air. Some brands do make room warm, but do nothing to clean the air. As the result, people stay longer in a room full of harmful bacteria or pollutant. Buyers often add air filter to solve this problem. It helps, but not in the best possible way.

Clean Effect in Trane Furnace could remove 99.98 percent bacteria, dust and other pollutants from indoor setting. This percentage is far higher than any air filtering system. In addition, Clean Effect doesn’t mess with air circulation.

This great feature is even recognized by Harvard School of Public Health. It is highly recommended for those who live together with babies, infant or elderly.

Powder Painted Cabinet

In order to perform its job at the maximum, heating unit should be protected properly. Don’t be surprised when one unit starts to break down when its covering cabinet has holes or rusting surface.

Thankfully, Trane is not included in that list. Trane is known for its long lasting quality, protecting heating unit from harsh weather. What makes it different? Take at look at its coating; it is powder painted and made from galvanized steel. What could break Trane’s cabinet surface?

ComfortLink II

There are a lot of things to balance out in a heating system. Without any communication system, one machine might produce too much result that will affect another machine. Then how to manage all of them at once? Trane introduces ComfortLink II, which could collect data from each machine and balance them out.

Buyers could also have remote control using wireless internet access. It is even connected to Nexia home automation as well. Buyers won’t have to worry about optimizing efficiency and temperature anymore.

Trane Gas Furnace Model Analysis and Recommendation

1. Trane S9V2

First thing to look for a Trane product is its energy star qualification. Without this label, buyers might not get best efficiency product. S9V2 design is already outstanding. It could fit for big or limited space area. This great product also comes with re-designed cabinet platform to fit smaller space.

The gas efficiency rate for S9V2 reaches 96%. For blower part, Trane puts Vortica II to work. It is one of excellent variable speed blower that could provide consistent air flow. In addition, it works quietly even in maximum speed. S9V2 also adds CleanEffects to its feature. Get your clean air everyday!

2. Trane XC95m

For buyers who demand for most efficient Trane product, there will be no item that could beat XC95m. This is best choice for top comfort and maximum energy saving. For Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), XC95m hits 97.3% rate. No wonder it is also qualified with energy star.

To maintain even heating in all rooms, this product installs ComfortLink II Communicating Capability. Therefore, every part of this product could find out when it should work harder and when it should work slowly. The gas heat furnace product is also fully modulated, so it meets maximum efficiency and provides top comfort.

3. Trane XV95

Some people are so fond of two stages heating process. For these buyers, they should get Trane XV95. Its blower works based on variable changes. Don’t worry about its cabinet; this cover is especially made for heavy duty and coated with two tone powder painted products. Inner part of cabinet is covered with insulation to minimize any noise.

Buyers also admire its comfort R feature which could help to maximize dehumidification process. If it is not enough, buyers could always provide some other pairings like ERV, air cleaner or humidifier. XV95 is compatible with each one of them. To make them work, simply add cable and pipe setting.

4. Trane XB90

Value product usually offers maximum feature for specific budget range. This is what XB90 could offer to buyers. Its design might not be the most stylish, but it surely provides comfortable temperature for houses. For affordable price, this product is built with strong and durable material.

XB90 is also supported with CleanEffect, giving back up for your air home filtration. Say goodbye to all those dust, pollen, bacteria and any other harmful materials! In addition to air filtering, XB90 is also able to diagnose its own problem using microelectronic controller.

Contractor Reviews For Trane

Trane is just one of top tier heating products. There are some other big names as well. For some reasons, Trane slowly steals center spotlight, making it notable quality HVAC unit existed. This fact is also validated by a lot of contractors that work with Trane.

Most contractors agree that heart of HVAC product is compressor. In this case, all top names use best compressor for their own products. Thus, the real countdown goes to smaller details. Buyers should look deeper on tiny details that could change the whole game.

Trane has Teflon coated screws, which could stand rust. It locks frame well and prevents any noises from vibrating cabinets. From contractors’ point of view, this type of screw is easy to work with. They don’t have to waste time just to clean up rust. One more thing any contractor admires from Trane; this product lasts longer than the others.

Trane Gas Furnace Prices By Model

Those who decide to take Trane home should worry about their budget first. Price per unit is determined by its BTU, area that should be covered and also the model. The following price list is real for medium size house, around 2000 square feet. Keep in mind that buying unit only doesn’t include shipping cost. Buyers might need to pay more.

1. Trane XC95M

This is the most expensive unit among all. Buyers should prepare $2550 to bring back the most efficient Trane product with them. If buyers plan to install it immediately, contractor might ask for another $1650. In total, they pay $4200.

2. Trane S9V2 or S9X2

Starting from this model, buyers will only pay under $2000 for one unit. To be exact, S9V2 or S9X2 has similar price; $1840 per unit. Total price for installation almost reaches twice of unit price.

3. Trane XV95

Another affordable Trane product on the line is XV95. It is sld for $1780 for one unit. Ask for contractor to install it, so buyers could claim their 10 years warranty. Contractors and unit price would be $3470.

4. Trane XC80 or XV80

Some buyers need to buy budget product. In this case, XC80 or XV80 would be perfect. Its price per unit is only $1220. Even after adding installation cost, buyers don’t lose too much money. In total, buyers will pay $2500.

5. Trane XR80

Do you want another recommendation for budget HVAC unit from Trane? It will be Trane XR80. To buy one unit, buyers will pay $1200. Installation provided by certified contractor and one unit will cost $2450.

6. Trane XB80

This is literally the cheapest product from Trane. Total price for installation and one unit purchase is only $2400. If buyers only want to buy the unit, it has similar price to XR80; $1200.

Trane Gas Furnace Prices By Size

HVAC unit with different size has different price range. In order to calculate which size is the most suitable one, buyers cannot take wild guess. There a lot of factors that will affect BTU size for each house. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take contractor’s advice.

1. Trane 40.000 BTU

Total area in a house should be 600 to 1000 square feet to use this furnace size. It is considered small apartment for personal living. The total cost of unit and installation is $2230 to $2450.

2. Trane 50.000 BTU

Keep in mind that bigger area requires stronger heater. For 800 to 1200 square feet area, take 50.000 BTU Trane. This area is slightly bigger than the first one, but using 40.000 BTU won’t be enough. Prepare $2650 to $2830 to purchase this unit and pay installation cost.

3. Trane 60.000 BTU

Small family of two or three could fit to 1000 to 14000 square feet area. For this type of house, 60.000 BTU is the most suitable. Smaller unit won’t give maximum comfort. Buyers will pay $3010 to $3200 for one unit including its installation.

4. Trane 100.000 BTU

Who says that medium size house cannot take 100.000 BTU Trane? This product usually fits for 1800 to 2300 square foot area. However, two stories building or house with long hallways is usually suggested to take one size bigger. Don’t forget to pay $3900 to $4130 to buy one unit plus calling contractor to install it.

5. Trane 120.000 BTU

The biggest size available is 120.000 BTU. It covers 2300 to 3000 square feet area. As expected, the price to buy one unit and pay for installation is also high; around $4400 to $4600. Instead of taking biggest size, buyers should consult contractors whether it is better to take two heater units instead.