Tempstar Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

A furnace is one of the most important appliances that are needed in a house or building, especially when you live in a cold climate. A most common furnace that is used in the United States, North America and Europe is using gas as fuel. If you are thinking to buy a new gas furnace or to replace the old one, you can get confused with lots of brands and models of gas furnaces.

Tempstar gas furnace is produced by International Comfort Products (ICP) which also produces other heating units such as Heil, Arcoaire, Keeprite, Day & Night and Comfortmaker. ICP belongs to United Technologies Corporation which also makes other heating and cooling units such as Carrier and Bryant. Tempstar and Comfortmaker are identical products from ICP, the difference is only the name of the brand and models.

Among other gas furnaces brand, Tempstar is considered standard brands with a durability around 15-20 years. Tempstar furnace prices are considered at moderate cost but still giving high efficiency and great performance. What makes Tempstar worth to buy? Below is the information of Tempstar furnace such as the unique feature analysis, model analysis & recommendation and estimation price based on the model.

Tempstar Gas Furnace Features Analysis

If you are going to buy a new gas furnace, you will need to consider its feature which makes the brand is recommended to buy. There are five features that Tempstar has including the staged heating, furnaces sizes, dual-fuel models, warranties and communicating technology.

There are three different staged heating in Tempstar units: single Stage furnaces, two-stage furnaces and variable-speed or modulating furnaces. Here is the explanation of these three different kinds of staged heating.

Single-stage Heating: usually the furnace which has this single-stage heating is the most inexpensive compared with other units with two-stage or variable-speed furnaces. However, the weakness of single-stage furnaces is it could somewhat overheat the thermostat and it produces more noise from the blower motors.

Two-stage Heating: two-stage furnaces has advantages such as can run on low fire for 65% and when the heating is more desired, it could run on 100%. It is also quieter than single-stage furnaces.

Variable-speed or Modulating Heating: considered as the best option of the staged heating, variable-speed furnaces could heat from 40% until 100% capacity based on the house owner need for the house. since it has the highest efficiency, it also the most expensive compared to single-stage and two-stage heating. \

There are several furnaces sizes are available from Tempstar. The smallest size is 26,000 BTU are available for Tempstar F9MXE and N9SME. While other models such as F9MVE, F9MXT and N9MSB starts from 40K BTU. Below are the model and BTU ranges.

Model BTU ranges
F9MXE, N9MSE 26K – 120K
F9MVE, F9MXT, N9MSB 40K – 120K
F8MTL, N8MXL 44K – 132K
N8MSN 44K – 154K
F9MAE 60K – 120K
F8MVL 66K – 132K

All Tempstar furnaces are compatible with a system that engages as a heat pump. The dual-fuel system is suitable for the extremely cold climate when the heat pump can’t produce enough heat, the dual-fuel system will use only furnaces to produce the heat. Dual fuel systems will cost the house owner around USD$ 400 to USD$ 800, however, it will save more energy up to 60% so it’s a worthy investment.

Tempstar warranties offer No hassle period varies from 1, 5 or 10 years depending on the model. Besides, Tempstar also offers 20 years up to lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger. Please note that the no-hassle warranty means that the house owner will get new furnace however it doesn’t include the installation labour cost.

Tempstar also has the communication technology called the Observer System which is available in several models. not only sending the commands to the unit, but the Observer system will also receive data which could be used to analyze quickly when any issue arises.

Tempstar Gas Model Analysis and Recommendations

There are several models available for Tempstar Gas Furnaces. Performance series is the entry-level series that is budget-friendly and has a single-stage operation. Even though it is the cheapest from other Tempstar series, it has a quiet and reliable performance.

N8MXL from Performance series has single-stage of heating system, multiple blower speed and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating up to 80%. Tempstar
Performance Series N9MSB has an AFUE rating of up to 92% and fixed blower speed. Tempstar Performance Series N9MSE has 95% AFUE and fixed blower speed. All models in Performance series have 20 years warranty for heat exchanger and 10 years warranty for general parts.

Next, there is QuietComfort series from Tempstar. This series is the mid-level from Tempstar and the popular furnaces among other series. Tempstar QuietComfort series F9MXE has a single-stage of heat, AFUE rating up to 96.2%, multispeed blower system, 1 year no hassle warranty, lifetime warranty for heat exchanger and 10 years warranty for general parts.

Tempstar Quiet Comfort series F9MXT has two-stages of heat, multispeed blower speed, AFUE rating up to 96.2%, 5 years no hassle warranty, lifetime warranty for heat exchanger and 10 years warranty for general parts.

Tempstar Deluxe Series has the highest performance and prices compared among other series. F8MTL has 80% AFUE rating, two stages of heat, fixed blower speed, 1 year no hassle warranty, 20 years warranty for heat exchanger and 10 years warranty for general parts.

F8MVL has 80% AFUE rating, two stages of heat, variable blower speed, 10 years no hassle warranty, lifetime warranty for heat exchanger and 10 years warranty for general parts.

Tempstar Deluxe Series F9MVE has 96.5% AFUE rating, two stages of heat, variable blower speed. The top line of this deluxe series is F9MAE with 98% AFUE rating, variable stages of heat, variable blower speed. These two models have 10 years no hassle warranty, lifetime warranty for heat exchangers and 10 years warranty for general parts.

To choose the right furnace model, you will also need to consider the climate zone in your area. For example, if you live in Zone 1 & 2, it is recommended for you to take the furnace based on 80% AFUE such as F8MVL or F8MTL. If you live in Zone 3, it is recommended you take N8MXL or N8MSN. If you live in Zone 4, it is suggested you choose a furnace with 92% AFUE such as N9MSB.

If you live in Zone 5, choose a furnace with 92% or 95% AFUE such as N9MSE, F9MXE, F9MXT or F9MVE. If you live in Zone 6, choose a furnace with higher AFUE either 95% or 96% such as N9MSE, F9MXE, F9MXT, or F9MVE. If you live in Zone 7, choose a furnace with the highest AFUE up to 98% such as F9MXE, F9MXT, F9MVE or F9MAE.

Tempstar Gas Prices by Model

Tempstar Gas Furnaces has various prices depends on the series and models. Start from the top-line model from Deluxe Series, F9MAE costs around US$ 2,150 for furnace unit only and the total price includes installation cost around US$ 3,900. The cheapest furnace will be N8MSN with cost US$980 for unit only or US$ 2,730 with the installation.

Below is the table to compare prices based on the model. Please note that the price below is based on 80-88K BTU, if you require to have bigger BTU, the price will be higher.

Tempstar Model Price (Furnace Unit Only) Total Price with Installation
F9MAE US$ 2,150 US$ 3,900
F9MVE US$ 1,720 US$ 3,495
F8MVL US$ 1,450 US$ 3,325
F8MTL US$ 1,335 US$ 3,085
F9MXT US$ 1,595 US$ 3,345
F9MXE US$ 1,470 US$ 3,230
N9MSE US$ 1,250 US$ 3,000
N9MSB US$ 1,185 US$ 2,935
N8MXL US$ 1,025 US$ 2,775
N8MSN US$ 980 US$ 2,730

Please note that the installation is as important as the brand and models that you choose. A high-end model and brand could not work as efficiently as it should be if the installation quality is bad. A bad quality installation also could affect the life of the furnace unit. Therefore, it is important to select a qualified and experienced furnace installation company.

If you have around two weeks before hiring the contractor, you can ask your family, neighbours or friends who have used the service of contractors. You also can start little research on the internet for the review of the contractors. Try to find at least three contractors and do some interviews with them.

During interviews, don’t forget to check about the company’s history, how long the company already running in HVAC business, qualifications of their staffs and also important to check if the company is insured and licensed.