Ruud Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Ever worried for heating bills during the cold season? If so, you may want to find heating alternatives that are more effective than your current air conditioning, especially if your space can be considered big. Ruud gas furnace is usually the best bet – they use energy efficiently, even in big spaces, perfect for those living in the especially cold area.

However, what about other brands? Of course, there are others like Amana gas furnace that has similar features and quality to Ruud. When we compare between Ruud and Amana furnace prices, we’ll see that they marketed with similar prices as well. So, why Ruud?

First of all, Amana may be great with its self-diagnosis control board – but it is an overpriced brand with features that you can get with a store brand furnace. Meanwhile, Ruud has some unique features worth considering the price, such as Plus one water management system to detect drain problems and automatically shut the unit.

Not to mention, their Econet feature made this brand more efficient than others. Many of its types also come in a two-stage gas furnace, allowing homeowners to choose how much heat they wanted. Without further ado, let’s jump deeper into the features, models, and Ruud gas furnace prices.

Ruud Gas Furnace Features Analysis

Collecting from all Ruud Gas Furnace modes, there are five key features unique to the brand. Let’s start with the most basic to what only Ruud owns:

PlusOne™ Diagnostics

Just like Amana, Ruud gas furnaces also come with a self-diagnostic control board. Therefore, if there is any sort of problems, it will pop up on the board. Therefore, the units are easier to fix because the technicians can simply look to the board and directly tend the problems.

Two-Stage Gas Furnace

Not all Ruud furnace models have these features, but this feature is certainly worth considering the prices. As the name said, there is two heating stage that you can choose with the units. The first one is for mildly cold days, while the second is for even colder days. So, homeowners can easily pick how much heat is needed and how much gas bill they are willing to pay.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the most important part of gas furnaces. Therefore, it’s best to have it with the most durable material for the long run. All Ruud models used stainless steel for their heat exchanger, making them not only durable but also reliable. Most models also used in-shot burners for direct ignition, or famously called PlusOne™ Ignition System.

PlusOne™ Water Management

Worried about drain problems? Don’t worry, Ruud furnace models can detect them on their own. Not only that, but the units are also designed to shut themselves down if there are any drain problems. Since there is a sensor in the drain, detecting blockage is as easy as looking at the control board as well.


And here comes an indigenous feature of Ruud – Econet. Econet is the secret why Ruud furnace models are so fuel-efficient. After all, these features allow Ruud furnaces to communicate with various parts within the unit, making the operation as efficient as possible and therefore, fuel savvy as well.

Sadly, this feature is not equipped for all models. So, if you are considering to get these features (as well as the others), getting an Econet model is your best bet.

Yes, not every model has all of these features. However, that’s what’s good with Ruud – if you are on a budget, you can get the cheaper models that are as reliable as any other Ruud models. Otherwise, if there is more money to spare, Ruud offers more features that are worth the consideration.

Ruud Furnace Models Analysis

Before we get into the individual models, let’s learn about three furnace series that Ruud marketed. The first one is the Achiever, which is modelled with the least features and sold for those in the budget.

The last one is Achiever Plus, which is essentially upgraded models of the economical Achiever. Lastly, there are Ultra series, which are the most pricy yet the most efficient. Plus, you can find Econet™ features in the Ultra series.

Every model has similar designs. But don’t let that fool you – the features and prices can range widely depending on the models themselves. The lower the price, the lower their AFUE (short for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficient aka how efficient does the unit utilize the fuel) and vice versa. Here are samples of models from each series:

Achiever Series R801C

With 80% AFUE rate, this model is easily one of Ruud’s cheapest pick. The engine itself used Constant Torque ECM Motor. The heating system used PlusOne™ Ignition System, though it has single-stage only. The PlusOne™ Diagnostics is also available for this model.

Achiever Plus Series R801T

The AFUE rate is also 80%, but this model has Ultra Low NOx Technology, making it more environmentally friendly compared to other models since it creates much less emission. The heat exchanger is also removable for service purposes. Another additional feature is single-stage heating using PlusOne™ Ignition System and PlusOne™ Diagnostics with 7 LEDs with better diagnosis accuracy.

Achiever Plus Series R96T

Despite being an Achiever Plus, this model has 96% AFUE rate. There are also two-stage heating options using PlusOne™ Ignition System. Of course, the self-diagnosis feature also included in this model.

Ultra Series U97V

When there’s Ultra, there’s Econet™. This is certainly true with model U97V. Thanks to its Econet™ feature, the AFUE rate reached 97% – making it much more efficient compared to most Ruud models.

Therefore, the model allows homeowners to maintain the most optimal comfort level while saving more energy. Beside PlusOne™ Diagnostics, there are Ignition System that uses Direct Spark for reliable heat for the long run. Not to mention, this model also has the Water Management System in its features.

Ultra Series U98V

Do you think 97% AFUE rate is high? This model has 98% AFUE rate, making it the best Ruud Furnace model. Therefore, it is easily the best models homeowners can pick. The model run notably quiet and stores all features from U97V – Econet™ and PlusOne™ Diagnostics, Water Management, and Ignition System.

Ruud Gas Furnace Prices By Model

Though Ruud furnaces offer a lot of features, they are by all means not the most expensive models on the market. In fact, Ruud furnace prices are rather standard. The cheapest model (minus installation cost) is only $800 and the highest at $1650. Adding the installation cost, homeowners can expect $2500 in budget and $3550 with the most expensive model. For better comparison, here is the prices comparison by model:

R801T and R801P, $800 (unit only) or $2500 (installed)

U802V, $900 (unit only) or $2730 (installed)

R802P, $900 (unit only) or $2730 (installed)

R92P and R92T, $1180 (unit only) or $2980 (installed)

RGGE and RGJF, $1250 (unit only) or $3100 (installed)

R95T and R95P, $1350 (unit only) or $3200 (installed)

R96T and R96P, $1500 (unit only) or $3350 (installed)

U96V, $1500 (unit only) or $2350 (installed)

U97V, $1650 (unit only) or $3550 (installed)

Based on the prices alone, it is easy to spot which models are Achiever, Achiever Plus, and Ultra. However, the price doesn’t affect the quality of the unit. So, as long as you agree with what feature can be enjoyed in the model, Ruud gas furnaces should do a pristine job and work reliably for years.

However, you may want to consider the warranty based on the prices. Of course, every model will come with the standard limited warranty included. However, you may want to reconsider after seeing the details of the warranty.

For example, Achiever series usually have limited time for parts and heat exchanger. Meanwhile, Achiever Plus and Ultra series may get a lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger. There is a registered warranty that varies between the models and series as well. The most notable warranty is from Ultra series, which allows unit replacement in the period of a decade to lifetime depending on the model.