Rheem Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Decades ago, people might think twice when they wanted to afford an air conditioner or gas furnace for their house. Not only that the prices were relatively high back then, owning either air conditioner or furnace, or even both would lead people to think that you were from high society level. In fact, you really needed it for your own comfort inside your house.

Decades later, that kind of mindset has completely gone. The technologies are developing, so are humans and their way of thinking. Owning an air conditioner or a furnace becomes a normal thing in today’s era. Many families even own both things and they are not considered from a high class society because those things have become necessities now.

Speaking about a furnace, there are a lot of brands out there that people like to buy. One of the brands that is worth to look is Rheem. Rheem is well-known for its quality in producing gas furnaces. Many families for years have trusted Rheem gas furnace as their air conditioner. In case you are interested to take a look, here are some reviews about it, including Rheem furnace prices and the feature analysis.

Rheem Furnace Features Analysis

One factor that makes people decide to go for one particular thing is normally its features. The same thing works with Rheem gas furnace products. This specific gas furnace offers some features that any other gas furnace brands may not have. Here some of the features that is worth to look at.

Affordable Prices

It is fair to say that we will expect some high price tags when we are about to purchase a gas furnace brand that some people give good credits about. If that is the case, you will not find any high price tags at Rheem gas furnace products. These specific brands of Rheem that majority of the customers like to buy have an average price not more than $1.200 for the unit price only, despite of its good review from the customers. That average price does look like a bargain in today’s era.

Nonetheless, cheap price tags do not mean that the gas furnace will deliver cheap performance as well. Based on the customer reviews, Rheem gas furnace products are on the same list with other top gas furnace brands such as Trane, Lennox and Carrier.

In fact, Rheem does not hesitate to put much lower price tags compared to others top competitors on the list. There has to be something special about this very brand.

Patented Quieter Heat Exchanger

Years by years, many top gas furnace companies have been developing numerous features, so does Rheem. It is fair to say that Rheem has been an innovative yet consistent gas furnace company since it was found in 1925. This very brand has been doing its best to survive and adapt with the current era, just like any other gas furnace brands should do.

Talking about innovation, Rheem has now featured a quitter heat exchanger. What makes this heat exchanger special is that it is already patented. Any gas furnace products with patented quieter heat exchanger are always worth to look. This patented innovation does not only reduce noises from the gas furnace but also improves the air flow throughout your house.

To be more specific, a quieter heat exchanger is invented to convert the transferred heat to the ductwork from combustion gases while the blowers draw air over it. In simpler words, any gas furnace with poor heat exchanger design will constantly produce whistling sounds when the air passes the heat exchanger.

Not only that the patented design will reduce the noises and air drag, it will also optimize the use energy and turns it efficiently. However, this patented quieter heat exchange is not available in all Rheem products. Here are some of the Rheem products that already support the patented design.

– Rheem Prestige R96V; provides at least 96% gas efficiency with its two-stage heating.

– Rheem Prestige R97V; provides at least 97% gas efficiency with modulating heat.

– Rheem Prestige R98V; provides up to 98% gas efficiency with modulating heat.

Those are the top Rheem products that already support the patented quieter heat exchanger and are arguably the quietest gas furnace available amongst any other top brands with the similar patented design.

All of the gas furnaces above are also supported with a variable speed blower to support the heating process as the central air conditioner to provide more comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Energy Star Certification

Another feature that you can get from Rheem gas furnace products is their Energy Star certification. In case you have not heard about it, Energy Star certification is an institution that certifies any kinds of products with high and top level of energy use efficiency.

To put it into the context, all of the mentioned gas furnace brands above are already Energy Star certified, and those brands are not the only Rheem products with Energy Star certification.

Rheem Gas Model Analysis and Recommendations

Obviously, those three mentioned Rheem gas furnace brands are only the top three of Rheem products you should take a look. There is still a plenty of Rheem products that you can take as an option in case you are looking for cheaper options. Basically there are two types of Rheem; Rheem Prestige and Rheem Classic Plus.

One thing for sure, there are several things you should consider in picking a gas furnace. They are the AFUE number, blower speed and the furnace stage. Here are some other examples from Rheem products that you can take a look at as consideration.

Rheem Classic Plus R96P

Using PSC blower speed, this single-stage gas furnace has the AFUE number that reaches up to 96%. That is such a high efficiency number considering its grade as Classic Plus.

Rheem Classic Plus R95T

Another Rheem Classic Plus type that is worth to look is this R95T series. With 95% of AFUE efficiency number, this single-stage gas furnace already supports variable blower speed, which makes this gas furnace works more efficient.

Rheem Prestige RGGE and RGJF

Although these twin products are not on the top three list of Rheem products, these series are surely still worth to look at. With its modulating stage and variable blower speed, these series reach at least 96% of AFUE efficiency number. Surely that is a high number supported with variable blower speed to make it more efficient.

Rheem Gas Furnace Prices By Model

If you have reached this point, that means you are one step closer in purchasing one of the Rheem gas furnace products. However, there is still one thing you need to consider; the price of the gas furnace. Therefore, here some samples of Rheem gas furnace prices determined by the model.

Rheem U97V, Considered as one of the top rated products, Rheem U97V is up there amongst the best Rheem products you can ever get. No wonder that the price of its unit only is $1.550 and will raise not more than $3.500 if you include the unit installation cost as well. To be fair, that price is a definite bargain if you compare it to any other top rated brands products.

Rheem R92P and R92T, In case you are looking for average budget, you can go for Rheem R92P and Rheem R92T. As it was mentioned earlier, average prices do not mean you will get average quality as well, so you do not need to worry. The price of its unit only is around $1.180 and if you include the unit installation cost, the price will not be more than $2.980.

Rheem R801T R801P, The last but not the least, this is possibly the cheapest gas furnace you can ever get, even when you compare to the cheapest models of any other gas furnace brands. Rheem R801T and R801P are designed for those who prepare slow budget yet still get its quality. The price for their units only is not more than $800. However, it can raise up to $2.500 when you include the unit installation cost.