Payne Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

There are many brands that manufacture gas furnace products. However, not many brands offer some other lines such as air conditioner and heat pump. United Technologies Corporation, parent company of Payne gas furnace, provides these products. This great company also owns Bryant and Carrier. Payne joined the company in 1979.

Market for Payne brand is United States and Canada. There are stores in other locations, too. However, these two areas have the biggest customers with more than 20 official distributor stores. Its products are categorized as affordable, targeting middle to low economy households.

There is one disadvantage from Payne. It doesn’t have modulating gas furnace. Best offer from this brand only includes single or two stages furnace. Therefore, buyers cannot expect to have high efficiency product that works as good as the other brands. Only some products could reach high efficiency despite the absence of modulation feature.

Putting payne furnace prices for two stage products and the other competitors, buyers will prefer to buy Payne. Why does it happen? It is because the value is higher and better on Payne product. For this reason, two stage products are best seller item. Then, is single stage furnace not worthy? Not really. It is just as strong as the other Payne product.

Payne Gas Furnace Features Analysis

Here is a little analysis on the important features of the gas furnace.

Best Value And Affordable Price

Before buyers step to store, they must prepare some amount of money. For low income family, saving up money is not easy. If they are forced to buy fancy furnace, it will be difficult. They need something cheap but work well for their house. The option in market is limited. In this case, they will choose one that has best value.
For small house, buyers could have as cheap as $700 for one unit. Even its top products are sold on reasonable price.

Short Term Solution

Keep in mind that not all buyers are purchasing furnace unit for their own house. Some of them are probably looking for a unit for their rent house. Believe it or not, people might have different priority when they choose product for their own house and rental property.

Without doubt, people will be more cautious about things for personal house. They want best options possible, even when they have limited budget. As for rented property, people just want something that last for certain period of time. Why should buy something fancy if they are going to move in five years?

This is why Payne product manufactured. Company aims for short term but effective tools. They technically omit any frilly accessories from their lines. Payne models only work to reach one goal; buyers’ limited time comfort.

Sealed Combustion System

What does it mean to install Sealed Combustion System? Most important aspect of this feature is its air management. Instead of absorbing air from the house, machine will take fresh air from outside. Although this is a minor change, it will change a lot of things.

First, this setting allows machine’s procedure to stand on its own. The other appliances will not be a bother to this system. In addition, gas furnace is also protected from water, detergent or laundry chemical that will cause corrosion. In addition, combustion system also helps to reduce noise.

Insulated Cabinet

Another item that makes Payne product produces less noise is insulated cabinet. Company makes sure that cabinet is sealed tightly. Buyers and contractors could hear louder noise only after opening the door. Its cabinet is made from steel and pre-painted. It looks strong and quite trendy at the same time.

In short, buyers who want quiet days during winter and summer should buy Payne products. For low price items, only Payne could guarantee low decibel noise from their products.

Payne Furnace Models Recommendation

If you consider buying this gas furnace, the following models should be on your list.


This model is single stage unit. Efficiency level reaches 80%, combined with ECM motor. It is not complicated to install the unit, since this model has four ways multi position design. For fuel option, PG8JEB gives two options; natural gas and propane. It also receives approval certificate for low Nox air management.

Buyers could also see if there is any error in the system. PG8JEB is equipped with LED self diagnostic feature. Even when electricity goes off, codes for fault or existing errors will not be erased. Adjustable setting is available for both heating and cooling airflow.


If buyers want to buy new unit, they cannot have it. PG8MAA is no longer produced by manufacturer. In terms of efficiency, this model has 80% AFUE. Just like most Payne units, buyers could install it on four ways; up flow, horizontal right, horizontal left, or even down flow.

Take a closer look at its cabinet. This painted unit is resistant to scratch and built to last for years. This model is also loved by contractors, since it is easy to repair. Spare parts are available in nearby dealer. Repairing errors usually take less than an hour. As long as it is still within warranty period, buyers only pay for contractor service.

3. PG95XAT

For maximum comfort inside the house, buyers are suggested to buy high end product from Payne. Installing this unit in the house will bring even heat in every room. Rest assured, there is no disturbing noise all days and nights. PG95XAT has energy star label for selected models and up to 95.5% AFUE rating.

Internal machine in PG95XAT has two heating stages. It is also paired to multi speed blower. If system detects temperature change, higher setting will be activated. During hot season, blowers will help to manage moisture and maximize efficiency level for cooling effect.

4. PG96VAT

Living in a very cold weather, buyers need the most efficient furnace unit. Those who are looking for recommendation from Payne could take PG96VAT model. It offers 96% efficiency. Imagine this; for every joule of energy it absorbs, there is only 0.04 of it that will be wasted. The rest of it is changed to heat.

To support high efficiency mode, this model takes variable speed blower as its part. While some other Payne models are only guaranteed for 10 years, PG96VAT has 20 years warranty. It covers all parts of this unit.

Payne Gas Furnace Prices by Model

Gas furnace from Payne could be bought per unit or including the installation. If they buy unit only, there might be additional cost for shipping. It is better to choose price that includes installation. Buyers just sit nicely on their house, waiting for contractors to come. Cost to buy installation material and connecting unit will be borne by contractor.

Payne PG96VAT, Great product comes with great price. It is literally the highest model from Payne. Don’t be surprised to see high price on the bill. Unit only price is $2550. Don’t forget to calculate shipping fee. Including installation cost, buyers will pay around $3250.

Payne PG95XAT, For high performance with lower price, buyers could take PG95XAT instead. Its efficiency level is slightly lower, but still works exceptionally well. One unit is offered from $2350. For complete package, buyers need to add $650 only. In total, the price for unit and installation are $3000.

Payne FG95S, Another option for top tier product is Payne FG95S. It actually belongs to medium level quality. Not better than top tier, but definitely better than lower tier. There is another reason why the price is a little bit higher; its features. One unit costs $2300 only. Then, buyers who want to include installation will pay $2900.

Payne PG8MAA, Even though Payne is known for its high end models, this great brand also offers budget unit. If high end models cost around $3000, this is an option where buyers could pay under $2000 for complete package. Unit only will cost around $700. Installation and unit are paid for $1950 only.

Payne PG8JEB, Do you want to get lowest price from Payne product? Then available model is PG8JEB. For one unit, buyers pay $650. Adding installation, total price is around $1870. Is there any better offer?