Oil Furnace Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

As part of our households, furnace has undoubtedly crucial part in our house, especially during long cold winter season. Since decades ago, furnace has become a necessity for most of families. Despite of the global warming issues that turn our earth becomes hotter; our demand of furnace is still getting higher. There are several types of furnace you can put in your house. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses.

One of the types is oil furnace. Basically, the use of furnaces is all the same; to deliver certain amount of heat so that your house will get warmer. Even though some of you may think that oil is flammable material, the furnace is functioned and designed to be totally safe. As a matter of fact, furnace with oil material does not produce carbon monoxide; something that gas furnace surely produces.

However, oil does burn but the chance of explodes is unlikely as long as you maintain it properly. As long as you always remember to maintain it, any kinds of furnace will work just fine. In case you are looking for an oil furnace to purchase, here are some deeper explanations about it, such as oil furnace cost, features, and the brands.

Oil Furnace Features Analysis

Most people a take time in deciding whether they need to purchase oil furnace or gas furnace. One sure thing is each type has its strengths and weaknesses, as well as its features. Different types of furnace offer different features and different kinds of risks.

Just like it was mentioned before, oil furnace has a chance to burn, but gas furnace definitely produces carbon monoxide. Each type has their own risks, but everything will be just fine as long as you maintain them properly. Here are some features you can find in an oil furnace, alongside with its pros and cons.

Main Features:

Since an oil furnace was invented, no doubt that stainless steel has become the most important components. Any furnace that is made of stainless steel will be obviously stronger that any furnace that is made of aluminum and mild still. It will definitely resist any rust and corrosion.

Another important feature of an oil furnace is its combustion chamber. This is feature that delivers the heat, and then turns it into warm air to your house. This feature also provides you clear air. The next critical feature of an oil furnace is its high altitude settings. This is the feature that offers you the heat efficiency.


1. Lower Upfront Cost

It is not a secret that gas furnace may be more popular than oil furnace. Most people indeed prefer install gas furnace in their house. In fact, that is the reason oil furnaces require lower upfront cost to purchase. Some brands of top rated oil furnace are even only the half price of medium rate of gas furnace. It should give you a boost to purchase it as soon as possible.

2. Provides more BTU (British Thermal Unit)

Talking about efficiency, few people know that oil furnace actually provides more BTU compared to gas furnace; especially when it is down to hour count. Normally, an oil furnace manages to produce around thousands BTU per hour. The more BTU produced in one hour means the bigger size of space that the furnace is capable to heat. It means oil furnaces can reach all of your rooms faster and more efficient.


1. Rare Service Companies

The fact that more families are gas furnace users rather than oil furnace users clearly affect the availability of its service places. Finding the oil furnace service center is surely harder than finding the gas furnace ones. Therefore, a proper maintenance is really necessary to prevent any service treatment.

2. Requires more Maintenance

Unfortunately, oil furnaces do require more routine maintenances more than you expected. It is because oil furnaces tend to produce more side effects mostly leaked fumes. It is suggested that every oil furnace owner does any routine check and regular maintenance.

3. Considerable Long-Term Cost

When you know that the upfront cost of oil furnace is much lower than the gas or electric ones, you also have to acknowledge that it will cost you at the long-term cost. It is because normally the price of natural gas is more stable than the price of oil. Therefore, you really have to consider about this one.

Factors that Affect Oil Furnace Cost

Oil furnaces may cost lower than gas and electric furnace, but that does not mean you can ignore what factors lead the price on that way. You have to understand what factors that determine the price of an oil furnace. Here are some factors that affect oil furnace cost.

1. Local Weather

Believe it or not, the weather where you live in takes critical role in affecting oil furnace cost. In fact, this is the most consistent factor that keep affecting the cost years by years. The colder the weather in your area, the higher the price can be. However, each area can have many kinds of weather and different level of cold in winter.

It is worth noting that there also some unpredictable hurdle like storm. In some cases, storm can make the oil in your house gets harder to heat, especially when large storms hit your house frequently. It can lower the temperature in your house, which will make the oil furnace harder to work.

2. Government Policy

Just like the previous factor, this factor also depends on your local area. In some area, there is a new policy that limits the use of oil furnace. This kind of policy surely will affect the oil furnace cost on the market.

There is a high possibility that this policy will decline the oil demand in your area, which means some refineries will stop producing. However, you may find the oil price decrease when refineries have bigger surplus, especially in warmer season.

3. Alternative Option

This is actually a good factor for you if you want to stick to oil gas furnace. Since there many kinds of heating options on the market, people now prefer gas heating home rather than the oil one. Simultaneously, the price of oil furnace will drop by itself since people are rarely using it.

4. Oil Furnace Brands

The last factor is obviously the branding itself. Although people tend to use gas heating nowadays, that does not mean that the top brands lose their popularity. Some people believe that oil furnace is the best option for their house. Now the question is what type of furnace you want in your house?

Oil Furnace Prices of Brands

There basically two kinds of prices you will pay when you decide to purchase an oil furnace. Just like any other furnace, there is a cost for the unit only and there a cost for its installation. Each brand surely charges different prices. It usually depends on how complicated it is to install the furnace. Typically, the better the brands, the more complicated it is to install.

Surely you can decide to install the furnace by yourself. However, it is important to remember that once your furnace is installed by unlicensed or unprofessional people, it will invalidates the warranty. If you find oil furnace more suit you in your house, here are some top rated oil furnace by its leading brands and prices.

1. Armstrong and Ducane

Considering the price, Armstrong and Ducane is undoubtedly the most popular oil furnace brand at the moment. Although this oil furnace is only categorized as standard brand, the selling number of this brand is consistently high and most importantly this brand is Energy Star certified. For its unit only, Armstrong and Ducane is priced on $2.100 with the installation cost around $3.950.

2. Rheem and Ruud

Right after Armstrong and Ducane, there is Rheem and Ruud as your oil furnace option. Just like the previous brand, being standard brand does not mean this brand has low selling number. Its Energy Star certification is one of the reasons. For the unit only, it will cost around $2.200, while its cost installation is expected at $4.150.

3. Carrier and Bryant

In case you have extra cash to splash to purchase a premium oil furnace brand, Carrier and Bryant is the right option. This brand indeed has high and consistent selling number. There is no need to ask about Energy Star certification since this brand has one. The cost of its unit only is around $3.250, while for the installation cost is expected around $5.400.

4. Adams

Another recommended premium oil furnace brand is Adams. Alongside with Carrier and Bryant, Adams has consistent and high selling number based on reports. Its Energy
Star certification is one of the reasons why this brands always topping the chart. For the unit only, Adams is priced at $3.100. The cost of the installation is expected around $5.200.

5. Comfort-Aire

The last but not least, there is Comfort-Aire in case you do not want to take any risk and prefer to go for the budget brands. Since this unit is categorized as budget brand, you will not find any Energy Star certification in this brand. Its unit only costs around $1.850, while for the installation will cost not more than $3.500.