Lennox Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Nowadays, there many ways we can do to make our house becomes more comfortable. One of the ways is by installing a furnace in our house. In this very modern era, furnace is no longer a luxury. In fact, most families now are applying furnace to supply more amount of heat to their house, especially when the cold winter season comes. A furnace seems like a necessity or even a most for some families.

Talking about furnace, there three types of furnace that people usually install to their house. There are gas, electrical and oil furnace. From all those three types, gas furnace is the most type that people like to use. Surely there are many beneficial reasons why gas furnace is the most favorable one. One of the reasons is may be about its efficiency in producing the warm.

Obviously, there are many brands of gas furnace, since it is the type of furnace that people like to use the most. Among all the gas furnace brands, Lennox gas furnace brands are the particular brand that is worth to look. Lennox is fairly said one of the best gas furnace brands. Here are some obvious reasons why many families prefer this particular brand than any other brands.

Lennox Furnace Features Analysis

If there is any significant factors that make a brand are more favorable than the others, it is about the features. As one of the high rated gas furnace brands, Lennox definitely offers some features for your house that other brands may not have. Here are the five features that you can get if you decide to go for this particular brand.

Heat Exchanger by Duralok Plus

Without a debate, a heat exchanger is the most critical component in a gas furnace. Just like its name, this very component does one important thing; to exchange heat.
To put it into more specific context, a heat exchanger is typically a component that operates the air flow. It can be in a form of coils or tubes. Different gas furnace brands surely offer different size and shape of heat exchanger.

In this case, you do not need to doubt about what Lennox can give you. This particular brand applied a heat exchanger from Duralok Plus. In case you have not heard about this brand, Duralok Plus is a heat exchanger brand that can offer you reliability and energy efficiency. It is because this brand is made of ArmorTuf steel, which is well known as top rated type of steel.

Surelight Ignitor System

The next feature that makes Lennox is such a favorable brand is the Surelight Ignitor system in it. This is a kind of feature that will make the gas furnace durable and reliable.

The Lennox brands make it clear that they also apply Silicon Nitride construction to make sure their gas furnace products will last years or even decades without any regular disruption. In fact, some other top brands gas furnaces claim the same about this particular detail.

Modulating System

Without any doubt, this is one of the most important features in every gas furnace. This feature is necessarily functions the heat efficiency. In the Lennox modulating system, you will get not less than 98% heating efficiency rate. That is such a high number compared to any other gas furnace brands with modulating system.

To make it clearer, you need to understand how modulating system in a gas furnace operates. Hence, you also need to know about single-stage and two-stage furnaces.
There are two settings you can find in a single-stage furnace, which are the on and off setting. When the gas furnace is turned on, it will perform with 100% capacity to warm your house until it reaches the maximum temperature before it shuts off.

Meanwhile, you can do more with a two-stage furnace setting. You can run the gas furnace at the maximum capacity, but you can also choose to run the gas furnace at half capacity, which technically is less intrusive and surely more efficient. In this context, most of Lennox gas furnace brands are two-staged.

SunSource Solar Modules

This feature from Lennox gas furnace allows you to maximize more heating energy, especially from solar. SunSource solar energy is well known for its efficiency in operating the heat system. More efficiency means less cost you will have to spend. Moreover, this kind of energy system is totally environmentally friendly. Since it is a rare feature, only some Lennox brands apply this feature.

Provide The Most Efficient Gas Furnace

However, from all the features that have been mentioned, this is definitely the feature you cannot resist. Compared to all other gas furnace brands, Lennox has a very particular brand which has the highest efficiency. It is the Lennox SLP98V brand that has reached the best Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) number.

The 98,7% efficiency number implies that the Lennox SLP98V only wastes 2,3% of the produced heat in a year. It is worth to note that this specific brand has been doing this for years. This the clear reason why the Lennox SLP98V series is superior compared to other Lennox brands. Not only that it is efficient, you also provide friendlier environment.

Lennox Gas Furnace Model Analysis and Recommendation

Although we all agree that Lennox SLP98V is the highest ranked product amongst all the Lennox brands, that does not mean that the rest of Lennox brands are far superior. In fact, Lennox SLP98V will only work effectively in households with some additional requirements.

Therefore, it is always worth to look all of the others Lennox brands based on its model and deeper analysis. In this part, you will see the five Lennox gas furnace brands with the most efficient AFUE number based on the last report.

Lennox SLP98V

Just like it is mentioned on the previous part, Lennox SLP98V is undoubtedly the product with the most efficient AFUE number not only amongst the other Lennox brands but also amongst other gas furnace brands. There is no other product can reach the 98,7% efficiency number. This particular product comes with variable blower speed, modulating stage and obviously a lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

Lennox EL296V and EL296E

Right after the SLP98V series, you can take a look at this Lennox EL296V and EL296E. These two products are technically same. Both of them have the 96% heating efficiency. These both products also come with variable blower speed, two-staged furnaces and also the lifetime heat exchanger warranty, just like the SLP98V product has.

Lennox EL195E

After the “twin” products, there is Lennox EL195E as your next option. This particular product provides 95% AFUE number based on the last report. This Lennox EL195E is the only other product that provides a lifetime heat exchanger warranty like the previous products do. However, it only has four blower speeds and is a single-staged furnace.

Lennox ML195

The next Lennox brands with 95% AFUE number is Lennox ML195. This particular product applies PSC Motor as the blower speed and does not provide a lifetime heat exchanger warranty, but 20 years of warranty should be enough as long as you treat this single-staged furnace well.

Lennox ML193

The only other Lennox brands that have at least 90% AFUE number is Lennox ML193. This particular product has reached 93% AFUE number based on last report. Just like ML195 series, this series is a single-staged furnace that applies PSC Motor as the blower speed and provides 20 years warranty of exchanger heat.

Lennox Gas Furnace Prices By Model

One of the most important factors that affect the decision making is surely about the prices. As you can see on the previous explanation, the AFUE number usually determines the gas furnace price. There are two kinds of pricing; price for its unit only and price of unit installation. Here are the most, medium and the least prices of Lennox gas furnace brands.

Lennox SLP98V

If you have read the previous part, this is not so surprising to see the SLP98V series topping the price chart. Its 98,7% AFUE number, variable blower speed, modulating stage and the lifetime heat exchanger warranty is always worth it. The price for its unit only is at $2.350, and it rises up to $3.700 if you include the installation cost.

Lennox ML193

As the last Lennox brands with 90% or more AFUE number, ML193 series sit exactly in the medium price chart. For the unit only, this series is priced at $1.620, while if you include the installation cost, the price will reach not more than $3.200.

Lennox ML180

In case you are looking for a budget gas furnace brand, Lennox ML180 is the right option for you. This single-staged gas furnace applies PSC Motor as the blower speed and provides 20 years warranty of heat exchanger. However, this particular series still manage to reach 80% AFUE number.

Lennox Gas Furnace Prices By Size

After you take look at the price and check your budget, it is the time to take a look at your house size to decide the final budget you will have to spend. Let’s start from the smallest house that a gas furnaces are able to heat.

If you own a house around 6.000 up to 10.000 square feet at the maximum, you better go for Lennox that provides 40.000 BTU (British thermal unit). The unit installation will cost you around $2.400 up to $2.620 at the maximum.

If you own a house that is 10.000 up to 16.000 square feet big, you should go for either Lennox with 6.000 Btu or 7.000 Btu. The bigger your house, the more Btu you need. The unit installation cost for the 60.000 Btu is ranged from $3.190 up to $3.350, while for the 70.000 Btu; the unit installation cost will be around $3360 up to $3.550

Then if you own a large house that reach to 30.000 square feet at the maximum, you better go for the Lennox brands that provide the most Btu power, which is 120.000 Btu. The unit installation price for this large amount of Btu is expected around $4.500 and not more than $4.750