Janitrol Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

There are several brands from America for HVAC product. One of them is janitrol gas furnace. Its parent company joined in this business long time ago. In 1930, Janitrol started its journey as contractor, collecting knowledge about unit’s performance. It wasn’t until 1954 that Janitrol’s leaders we’re brave enough to manufacture their own signature product.

Taking their time, this brand slowly gets bigger and produce not only HVAC for houses, but also for commercial purpose. Business goes smoothly at first. At that time, janitrol furnace prices are known as the most affordable and cost effective products. No other competitors could compete with it.

Unfortunately, things start to go down soon after. Luckily, just before Janitrol is officially closed, it was bought by Daikin Industries Limited in 2012. Since then, Janitrol is merged under Goodman brand.

The production of Janitrol is no longer active. However, many units are still found on air lot of houses across America and work perfectly fine. For this reason, its part supplies are still available in specific store. Although Janitrol is quite old, this brand already has 78 to 80 percent capacity for efficiency. It is also available for both heating and cooling unit. What are some features loved by previous buyers?

Janitol Gas Furnace Features Analysis


When HVAC unis were first launched to the market, people went crazy for it. This technology helper them in a lot of ways. Sadly, these Pioneer products were not affordable for middle to low income family. Thus, only rich family can have it.

Janitrol breaks this opinion by launching low price but most efficient products available. At that time, it is probably the first budget HVAC unit in the market. As the Pioneer, janitrol does a good job to maintain temperature in hot to warm climate. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to release another budget model for moderat to colder climate.

Fully Insulated Cabinet

Separated parts that build HVAC unit are stores inside a cabinet. When all parts are working together, they produce quite loud sound. Without any insulator inside the cabinet, house owners will hear clacking or working machine sound. For sure, it is not a pleasant noise to hear all nights.

In order to deal with this problem, Janitrol put forward fully Insulated cabinet and top condenser discharge. These might look like unrelated items, but both play important role to make quiet operation. Janitrol leaders know well that none or half insulated cabinet still produce disturbing noise. Therefore, they take the risk to cover all sides.

Low NOx Level

Janitrol was first manufactured in California. Even back then, air pollution has been a big concern for this state. It is even worse since California had quiet high contaminated air. Goverment quickly took action; every factory and product manufacturers were forced to follow strict rules in regards of NOx production.

Other than this point, Janitrol is pretty much similar to common HVAC brand. Especially, for any models other than those belong to PGX category. PGX is answering to California’s strict NOx standard. In fact, its models produce one of lowest NOx emission. That is a one-of-a-kind feature other competitors can’t provide.

Spare Parts And Repairing

Easiest way to check HVAC product’s quality is by checking its durability. Good products will last for years, while lower quality models only work for a while. In addition to this standard, buyers should also check its part stock. Some brands make buyers wait for days or even weeks.

Despite of not being manufactured since 2012, many contractors still have stock of Janitrol’s spare parts. House owners who still use Janitrol in their house could get stock easily. It is not difficult to get contractors that could repair Janitrol’s error. This is a real proof that Janitrol has excellent quality.

Janitrol Gas Furnace Price

Keep in mind that Janitrol brand is no longer available in any store. Therefore, buyers will not able to have new unit in their houses. The following price is based on previous purchase.


A buyer owns Janitrol for more than four years. Before installing Janitrol, he paid no attention to gas furnace. Back then, one unit’s price was $1900. It consumed less gas but still keep the entire house warm. This house stands on 2000 square feet area. Nowadays, buyers need to spend more for similar specification.

In addition to its maximum comfort and energy saving feature, this model also required low maintenance. To help furnace machine works perfectly, house owners only need to change its filter. Morever, there is no noticeable noises from unit even when it works on full power mode.

Some other buyers knew this brand from their friends. They thought that Janitrol would be just like any other gas furnace. They were wrong. Janitrol works better than they expected. Until now, the unit has not been broken even for once. As for the gas bill, it goes down until 30% after installing Janitrol.

Good experience didn’t happen to every buyers. Several buyers shared their sad opinion about the product. They bought one unit for $2300, then asked trusted contractors to install it in their houses. They hopes that it will last just like their friends’ unit.

Unfortunately, it didn’t do as predicted. Fans were repeatedly shutting off. Contractors had been called to fix this problem, but fans didn’t work properly. Not long after, Janitrol unit was replaced by the other brands.

Many buyers said that fans problems were caused by bad installation. No matter what brand buyers want to take, they need qualified and experienced contractors. Otherwise, the unit will go to a waste.