Heil Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Long time ago, owning a gas furnace in your house is kind of a big deal. Back then, a gas furnace is such a rare thing since not everyone could afford it. People who own a gas furnace could be considered rich and from higher class of society. That was why most people tried to deal with it by building a fireplace inside their house back then. They got the warmth and comfort they need where they could afford.

Nowadays, when earth and people change, the way we view about gas furnace does change as well. A gas furnace inside our house has become a necessity and no longer viewed as a luxury. It’s because humans’ need are changing as well. The extreme climate or weather outside our house sometimes forces us to afford air conditioner to provide the comfort we need. That is where a gas furnace is necessary.

Speaking of a gas furnace, there are a plenty of options in market that you can choose. One of them is Heil gas furnace. It is fair to say that Heil has become one of the gas furnace brands that people rely on for some reasons. Different brand of gas furnace offers different kind of features. Therefore, here are some details about Heil brand, including Heil furnace prices, features and recommended models.

Heil Furnace Features Analysis

Just like any other gas furnace, Amana gas furnace stands out with its own features and signatures. It is fair to say that Amana may be not the best brand available in the market, but you may find any features in Amana gas furnace that any top gas furnace brands may not have. Here are some main features of Amana gas furnace.

Primary Durable RPJ Heat Exchanger

Without any doubt, heat exchanger is one of the most crucial components in any brands of gas furnace, so is in Heil products. This particular component is one of the reasons why Heil gas furnace products have got their reputation as one of the top brands. Just like its name, basically a heat exchanger is in charge of exchanging the heat inside your house, making it possible to your house to get more amount of warm air supply.

In that case, Heil gas furnace brands have their own signature heat exchanger and it is called RPJ Primary heat exchanger. This particular heat exchanger is designed with a technology that will allow more heat to be accommodated to any outer part and makes the heat exchanger works more efficient. This RPJ Primary heat exchanger is also corrosion resistant since it is made of stainless steel.

Moreover, this heat exchanger from Heil brands also provides a lifetime warranty. However, it still suggested to you that you also afford an additional equipment to detect carbon monoxide in case any unnecessary fossil burning appears from the heat exchanger.

A Variable Blower Speed

The next component that is crucial for any gas furnace products is blower speed. This particular component is the component that delivers the heat and spread it throughout your house. Hence, it is very important for a gas furnace to have variable blower speed. Speaking of that, the majority Heil gas furnace products provide variable blower speed in their gas furnaces.

Even better, most of the variable speed blower in the Heil products are pre-lubricated and quieter than you ever think. It is because the lubrication itself allows the blower speed with almost no noise. It will also reduce any vibrations produced by the gas furnace, making the operation works so smoothly.

A Two-Stage Induced Gas Valve

If there is any feature in a gas furnace that can save your money, it must this two-stage redundant gas valve from Heil products. Not only that it can save you some money, this feature will also guarantee you more safety in using a gas furnace. This two-stage redundant gas valve from Heil comes with two-speed motors draft induction for low and high fire.

That is why this special feature will allow any owners to save some money if the gas furnace is installed properly. Anytime you need your house to be warmed up, the variable speed blower motor will smoothly ramp the heat up, allowing it to spread throughout your house.

Reliable Surface Ignition

This gas furnace also supports a system of surface ignition from that provides an advanced and developed igniter which is made of Silicon Nitride that will improve its performance. This is what makes the system of Heil is more reliable than in any other products.

Patented Observer Communicating System

This is the latest technology that you can get from any gas furnace brands in the market nowadays, including Heil. This communicating system technology assists various components in the gas furnace, allowing them to connect to each other in order to provide better and more efficient operation of the units.

Heil Gas Model Analysis and Recommendations

When it comes to the model of the gas furnace, there will be many factors you need to consider before choosing the right one. Heil gas furnace is no exception.

Obviously, you have to start from the size of your house. Make sure that you purchase the right gas furnace that match with your house size. Too little or too much amount of heat for your house will not be ideal.

Basically, Heil brands come with three types of gas furnace series. They are Heil Deluxe Series Heil QuietComfort Series and Heil Performance Series. Surely, each of the series offers different kinds of performance. It is fair to say that Deluxe series is the top rated series amongst them, followed by QuietComfort Series and Performance Series.

Heil Deluxe G9MAE

Without any debate, this is the best series pf Heil products that you can purchase. Not only that this model is a Deluxe series, G9MAE model is also the gas furnace with 98% AFUE efficiency number; the highest amongst all Heil products in any series and models. This model is also the only gas furnace with modulating stage, supported by variable blower speed.

Heil QuietComfort G9MXE

Down to one series below, this G9MXE model is the best option you can get from QuietComfort series. This model has the highest AFUE efficiency number of its series with 96%. G9MXE model is a two-staged gas furnace that supports Constant Torque blower speed.

Heil Performance N9MSE

If you are looking for another option, this N9MSE model makes the most sense compared to any other models from Performance series. Although this model is a single-staged gas furnace, N9MSE supports Constant Torque blower speed and records AFUE efficiency number of 95%.

Heil Gas Furnace Prices By Model

In case you are ready to purchase one of the Heil gas furnace products, this is the factor that you need to consider. As you know, Heil provide three types of gas furnace series. Typically, the price will be determined by the type of the gas furnace series.

Heil G9MAE and G9MVE, Just like it was mentioned before, G9MAE as one of the Deluxe gas furnace series the best model you can get, so is the G9MVE model. No wonder if both models are the most expensive models amongst all the Heil products. For the unit only, the gas furnace is priced at $1.650. If you include the unit installation cost, the price is $3.250.

Heil G9MXE and G9MXT, Listed as QuietComfort series, G9MXE and G9MXT models actually are priced not too different from the Deluxe series. For the unit only, they are priced at $1.400 and if you add the unit installation cost, the price will raise not more than $3.000.

Heil N8MXL and N8MSN, It is fair to say that Heil Performance series are the most affordable series compared to the other two. These N8MXK and N8MSN series are the cheapest in the market. They are priced at $900 for thr unit only, and priced at $2.350 if you include the unit installation cost.