Goodman Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Buyers need to consider a lot of things before they buy new furnace. Ideal items for buyers would be: good value, perfect warranty period and low price. While these standards seem impossible, Goodman gas furnace easily meet them.

In terms of quality, Goodman should not be compared to some other top brands like Trane, Lennox or American Standard. Goodman is not as good as them. However, this great product is definitely better than any other budget products. Then, buyers also love its low cost for unit price, installation and maintenance.

Long time ago, Goodman’s reputation is not good. Game changes when the whole company was bought by Daikin. Its marketing plan is not changing; Goodman is still the leading brand for low cost gas furnace. Using its R&D project fund, Daikin shows serious commitment to improve Goodman’s quality. For this reason, Goodman steadily gains more attention from public.

For top tier models, Goodman offers decent period for product warranty. Unfortunately, the other lower tier options do not have similar offers. Buyers will get either short warranty period or none at all. Relying on previous’ buyers review is also recommended. This way, new buyers could educate themselves about the pros and cons of the product.

Goodman Furnace Features Analysis

A good purchase is not only about buying low price item. Buyers should also think about several features offered by the product. They need to decide whether these features fit to their requirements or not. Instead of promoting fancy features, Goodman aims to maximize unit’s function.

Self Calibrating Modulating Gas Valves

This feature is loved by contractors and those buyers who often repair some minor problem. With this technology, anyone could easily install this to the unit. It is also self-modulating, which mean you don’t have to work hard on configuration process. It automatically detects requirements needed.

Self calibrating valve fits for both single or two stages thermostat. Therefore, buyers will have wide product variation. In addition, having this feature in gas furnace also boost efficiency level to 96%.

Self-Diagnostic Self-Board

No matter how great a product is, there might be a problem with the whole system. Several products do not have early detection system. Buyers could only detect this problem after the uit breaks. This case won’t happen to Goodman unit. Each of them has seven inches screen board that could show any problem on its system.

In addition, this self diagnostic feature is able to store history of previous problems. Thus, this smart feature will directly deal with repeated problems without calling contractor. If the problem is too heavy, then a notification will pop up for buyers to read.

Greatest Warranty Among Gas Furnace

How many years will you get for product warranty? Try to compare several brands from low to medium brands. Only few of them is brave enough to offer 10 years warranty. On the other hand, Goodman takes this period as standard number. It applies to certain model from top tiers.

Note also that 10 years warranty from Goodman only applies to first hand owner. A lot of Goodman units are rented to third party. In this case, the warranty is not valid. Furthermore, firt hand buyers should register their unit within 60 days after purchase. Without official document from manufacturer, buyers cannot claim their warranty.


Old control system requires buyers to manually set their heat and cooling unit. If they use Goodman, this should not be the case. Using ComfortNet, buyers could get automatic setting in their hand. It is compatible with any gas furnace, thermostat, heating and cooling device. Buyers could also connect ComfortNet to their smart phone device. There is no need to do manual setting anymore.

Goodman Gas Model Recommendation

Are you looking for model’s suggestion? Then don’t forget to consider its heating stage, AFUE level and communication system. Match them to your area’s condition. Not all best models could fit to harsher or colder condition. Remember: best product is one that fits buyers’ condition well.

1. GMVM97

This product relies on variable speed. It means that internal system will automatically adjust to overall temperature. When it gets colder, heating system works hard.
When it gets hotter, internal system will activate cooling function. Its’ AFUE level is the most effective among Goodman products; 98%.

Who should buy this product? Those who live in zone 7 or any area with very cold climate. This area requires 95% or above AFUE level. Choosing lower option will not give most comfortable temperature for buyers. In addition, wrong model consumes more energy, which will lead to over budget for operation cost.

2. GMVC96

Looking for another model with ComfortNet feature? Then GMVC96 is the answer. It is another recommended unit from Goodman. Buyers could get this product by paying less. Why is it different from GMVM97? This unit is based on two stages heating unit. When system hits stable temperature, the unit will maintain this temperature.

Conversely, GMVC96 might detect colder ot hotter days. During this time, two stage heating will work to reach stable or ideal temperature. It is a perfect unit for those who live in zone 6. This area has cold weather. It should be using models with 92 to 95% AFUE level.

3. GMVC8

For those buyers who live in warm area or often called as zone 3, they are suggested to take AFUE unit that reaches 80% efficiency level. In this case, GMVC8 is the most suitable one. This unit is enough to handle warm climate area. Its machine consists of single stage compressor. There is only one setting used to heat or cool.

Buyers often read that single stage furnace is not effective, as it could only maintain one temperature only. This is why single stage product belongs to warm area where temperature is quite stable most of the time.

4. GMS8

This is another best model for single stage furnace. Its AFUE level reaches 80%. There is no communication feature in it, since buyers could maintain one temperature only. Buyers who live in very hot region (zone 1 and 2) must take this best bet.

Goodman Gas Furnace Prices by Model

Probably the hardest decision buyers should make is balancing products’ features and price. They want to get best product with lowest price. In this case, a little review will be helpful.

Goodman GMVM97, Buying only the unit will cost $2210. Adding installation cost will make different total; $3100 per unit. This price really worth all features it offers. When could you get great item under $5000?

Goodman GCVM97,This is practically the twins of GMVM97. If GMVM runs upflow, then GCVM runs the downflow. To decide which model to take, buyers should contact nearby contractors. They could explain in detail how they are different from each other and which one to take. Each unit is offered for $2210. Installation cost is around $1790.

Goodman GMVC96, If previous model’s price is too expensive, there is another option with more affordable price. Instead of $2210, buyers only pay $2050 to buy one price. If buyers want to install it in their houses, then total bill will be $2900 per unit.

Goodman GMSS92, Middle cost budget product from Goodman still provides great features. To purchase one unit, buyer will pay $1550. Installation cost and one unit will be $2650. Note that buying unit only will not include shipping cost. Don’t forget to calculate this to your list.

Goodman GMVC8, Buyers on budget could bring Goodman home. Those whose budget is under $2500 for unit and installation should choose this model. It performs well and all features works together to reach ideal temperature. For one unit, it costs $1150. Including installation costs, the total payment will be $2310.

Goodman GVC8, Basically, Goodman GVC8 is the cheapest option buyers could have. Total bill including installation is under $2100. As long as it fits well to buyers’ climate, no need to choose higher models. A unit is sold for $1100. Installation cost by verified contractors will be around $970 per unit.

Goodman Gas Furnace Prices by Size

Does every house need to install universal size furnace? No, it doesn’t. Each house has different size, which calls for different sizes as well. Once again, choosing wrong size, no matter bigger or smaller, will not bring any benefit to house owners.

1. Goodman 40.000 BTU

It is suitable for houses with 600 to 1000 square feet. Usually, this area is for small house. The cost for unit and installation ranges between $1400 to $1520.

2. Goodman 50.000 BTU

Buyers need to raise unit’s BTU when they have 800 to 1200 square feet area. 40.000 BTU will no longer be enough. Don’t forget to prepare $1790 to $1830 to pay unit proce and installation cost.

3. Goodman 60.000 BTU

Average houses usually covers 1000 to 1400 square feet area. It is a perfect living space for newly wed couple. If these houses’ owners want to have most comfortable temperature, they should take 60.000 BTU unit. The price per unit and installation is $2190 to $2230.

4. Goodman 80.000 BTU

Small family of three usually requires 1400 to 1800 square feet area. There is minimum qualification to have healthy house. Installing less then 80.000 BTU won’t be enough. They should install 80.000 BTU and pay around $2600 to $2660 for unit installation.

5. Goodman 100.000 BTU

This is not the biggest unit yet, but strong enough to heat 1800 to 2300 square feet area. Beware of the total cost. Buyers need to pay minimum $3000 for unit and installation. To be exact, the price ranges from $3090 to $3180.

6. Goodman 120.000 BTU

Need the biggest heating power from Goodman? Take the 120.000 BTU unit. Keep in mind that the price will be higher as well. For one unit and its installation, buyers need to pay $3500 to $3650.