Electric Furnace Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Buyers might have a lot in their mind when they try to find great electric furnace for their houses. A lot of concerns surround this heating product; high bills, harmful pollutant for environment, and limited fuel resources. Therefore, buyers all across the globe do their best to find environmentally friendly purchase.

This ideal model should be able to keep the whole house warm, but doesn’t consume too much energy or make overwhelming pollutant. Changing old furnace might be done soon. Consider how much money buyers will spend for annual energy bill and maintenance. If there is more efficient option, why should buyers say no?

The electric furnace prices come second after products’ efficiency rating. Believe it or not, higher efficiency will cut quite some money in your energy bill. If you just move to new house, here is a little bit tips: find out how long you will stay there. Those who will stay home for almost all year long should really prioritize their heating and cooling system.

Back in 1992, US government present new standard to all HVAC manufacturer; the product must be able to turn 78% of fuel into energy, either heat or cold. On May 1, 2013, this minimum efficiency rule raises to 80%. Surprisingly, many new products almost reach 100% efficiency.

Electric Furnace Features Analysis, Pros And Cons

Before you jump to decision, know the features, all the pros and cons. Here we go.


Available Energy Source

Before you decide on which furnace to pick, don’t forget to consider energy source. Those who choose natural gas fuel should be sure that their area has access to this source. If buyers want strong furnace which could be installed anywhere, then electric furnace will be the best option to pick.

Lower Initial Cost

Buyers need to compare and calculate a lot of different points before choosing one model. Electric heating has been used widely. It was once very expensive to buy a unit and find contractor to install the unit. Now, the price per unit and installation cost are more affordable. Check pricelist to see if buyers’ favorite model fits their budget.

Environmentally Safe

In term of residue, electric furnace performs better than gas type. It doesn’t produce any harmful substance or gas. How could this happen? Manufacturers do not put any material or fuel that will emit those items. Thus, buyers could say that electric furnace is far more environmentally friendly than other options.

Easy To Maintain And Fix

After several years of use, it is normal for any furnace type to get some maintenance. Buyers might need to clean several parts and check for any broken material.

There is one great advantage of using electric furnace; its spare parts are easy to find in nearby store. Buyers don’t need to wait for weeks just to replace broken parts.

Most Efficient

In term of efficiency, no other furnace type could beat electricity furnace. Buyers should try to compare every furnace’s build. Some has a lot of pipes and some other cannot operate without its chimney. The more parts a furnace has, the higher chance heat will escape through these parts.


High Operational Costs

This might be first regret any buyers will have not long after they buy the unit. At a glance, buying one unit is not expensive. With all those great features and moderate to low installation cost, who could resist to buy it? Only some people would pass this chance. Most will be tempted to get one for their house.

After having it for several years, buyers realize that their monthly bill is similar or even higher than before. Remember that being most efficient is not always equal to be the cheapest on running cost. Several other options like gas and oil offer more economy price monthly and annually.

Hard to Repair

Every brand has its own electric furnace settings. Contractors need to know and understand this setting to be able to fix them. A lot of times, buyers are complaining about their broken electric furnace. Costumer service asks them to contact contractors and let them repair the unit. The problem is not that simple.

Buyers hope that one time service is enough to solve any errors. Unfortunately, buyers often call contractors several times and still, the problems are not fixed. This condition upsets buyers. It seems like electric furnace cannot be used once it breaks.

Factors that Affect Electric Furnace Cost

Prices shown on the tag varies from different brands. Sometimes, you could see that their features are similar, but one is more expensive than another. What are some factors that determine electric furnace cost?

Product Quality

Most of the time, buyers only get average price for each unit. It goes from the lowest to the highest. If you pay close attention, they are actually divided into two categories: budget and standard quality. Of course, both have different features as well.

First category is budget model. They are the cheapest and usually placed among low tier level. Sometimes, famous brand launches sister product with lower price. Some brands that sell budget products are Revolov, Direct Comfort and Mortex. They last for 15 to 20 years.

Standard models usually have higher price. It also offers better features for buyers. They could perform well for at least 18 years. Buyers would be lucky to get product that could last for 25 years. Here are some recommendations for standard brands: Goodman, Tempstar, York and Winchester.

Model Performance

Another factor that makes electric furnace costs higher is performance. Heating unit could perform better if it has good blower. Most budget standards install either single speed or multi-speed blower. If buyers aim for comfort, standard model is clearly better option. It works with multi-variable blowers which adjust to temperature change.

Unit Size

Electric furnace has different size. It applies for every model. Buyers cannot directly buy one unit without choosing its size first. To do this, buyers are suggested to check in which zone they live.

Zone 1 and 2 are considered hot regions. Buyers don’t need strong heating unit. Take size that could produce 30 to 35 BTU per square feet. Living in zone 3, buyers could enjoy warm temperature. Suitable heating unit should produce 35 to 40 BTU per square feet.

Electric Furnace Prices of Leading Brands

Generally, electrical furnaces installed across United State are based on 20Kw/h. It equals to 68.000 BTU. How much money should buyers prepare to get this average electric heating system? Check these prices from various famous brands.


One unit will cost $685. It doesn’t include the installation yet. If you want an all-in package, then be prepared to pay $2755.






Direct Comfort

Manufacturer of this great furnace sell its product for $750. The installation cost is around $2000 per unit. It already includes connecting parts and any required supplies.






This is another option for buyers who want good performance. One unit is sold for $800 and its installation cost is around $2150.







Many buyers give great feedback about this product. They love its premium quality and affordable price. Buyers need $820 to pay for one unit and another $2195 to install it.






From this list on, buyers will get recommendation of standard products. First, it is nordyne. Each unit is tagged for $900 while the installation cost reaches $2333.







If Nordyne is too pricey, Heil might be a perfect option to consider. Buyers could get this product for $910 per unit. They will spend a little bit less on installation; only $2265 per unit.






It gets closer to premium quality models. York offers its product on $950. Then buyers should pay another $2415 to install the unit.







Buyers should not gamble with price if they want the most comfortable heating furnace. Take one unit of Winchester home by paying $1050. Call contractors and make them install this amazing unit for $2485.






Just like its name, King electric furnace has the highest price. It is $1100 per unit. Buyers should also pay a little bit more on installation cost, around $2655 per unit.