Ducane Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Haven’t you heard about ducane gas furnace? This brand comes from North America, which also becomes biggest market for Ducane. The history of this great brand started from Ducane Brothers Metal Fabricating. It was founded in 1946 in New Jersey. Three years later, Ducane added warm furnaces to their air conditioning lines.

If buyers try to find information about Ducane now, they might bump into Lennox. This brand took over Ducane brand. In addition to warm furnace and air conditioning product, parent company also introduces packaged units, coils, and air handlers.

There is strong reason why Lennox’s founders are interested in Ducane. It is about ducane furnace prices. Instead of offering expensive products with standard features, Ducane could fit to cost-effective label product. This is apparently the most favorite models in the market. Thus, Ducane makes great options for value products from Lennox.

Looking at some other competitors, buyers will see different type of pretty label for every category. If buyers check Ducane’s, they only have two options; 90%+ series and 80% series. Isn’t it easier to mention models’ name by AFUE rating? This will help buyers to set their desired feature first before purchasing. What do buyers need to know before buying this brand?

Ducane Gas Furnace Features Analysis, Pros, Cons

Here are several features you need to know, as well as the pros and cons to consider.


1. ECM Variable Speed Blower

This feature is only available in Ducane’s high end models. It allows buyers to enjoy even temperature in all rooms. ECM stands for Electronically Commutated Motor. In addition to maintain temperature, it also helps to cut energy usage. For this reason, ECM makes its way to “most important feature” in Ducane model.

2. Two Stage Gas Valve

Don’t expect Ducane to install fancy feature like modulating gas furnace. It works mostly with single stage furnace. Only models with high AFUE rate have two stage gas valves. This feature makes a big difference while compared to its single stage brother. There will be less noise in the house.

In addition, two different settings allow machine to pick most efficient way to balance indoor temperature and reducing energy intake at the same time. Furthermore, two stage valves extend overall life expectancy.


1. Cheap Price

If there is one thing many buyers love from Ducane, it will be its low price. First thing any buyers will look at when they are in gas furnace store is price tag. Even nice brochure couldn’t beat affordable price on product’s label. Lining up with top brands, Ducane beats them with affordable price and nice features.

2. Long History

Believe it or not, brand’s experience in HVAC world is still valued. One product manufactured by new company is placed next to experienced factory like Ducane. Buyers will walk to Ducane first before they look at new option.

3. Warranty

Quality of a product could be seen from its warranty. If manufacturers are not confident with their models, they won’t give 10 or 12 years for warranty. For its higher end products, buyers could even put it side to side with more popular brands in term of warranty.


1. Short Term Solution

Ducane could cut a lot from its price because they omit several standard features the other competitors own. Therefore, buyers are not recommended to buy Ducane for their forever home. Conversely, Ducane is highly suggested for those who live in rented house for less than five years.

2. Noisy

Any contractors and HVAC workers that have worked with Ducane before will agree that this brand produces quite loud noise. It applies to both low and high end products. Even two stage valves cannot help much. If buyers are looking for peaceful days, then Ducane is out of the list.

Ducane Gas Model Recommendation

If you are looking for the best models to buy, here are several numbers of recommendation to consider.

#1. 80G1E

Do buyers live close to coastal area? If yes, then buyers belong to zone 1 and 2. In this case, average temperature will be quite hot. During winter, this area is still relatively warm. For this reason, taking gas furnace product with 80% AFUE rating is enough.

This model has constant torque motors to deliver steady airflow. Its heat exchanger is designed with crimpled shape. This design makes gas furnace model last longer than welded type. 80G1E has anti vibration blower to reduce start up noise. When buyers shut down the unit, there will be less noise as well.

#2. 92G1

Check again whether buyers’ house belong to zone 3 or 4. Both have remarkable difference in term of average temperature. Zone 3 is still warm, while zone 4 is cooler than zone 3. While choosing gas furnace model, buyers in zone 3 might want to choose unit with 80% rating only. Those who live in zone 4 should take 90% AFUE rating model instead.

Higher efficiency offered by 92G1 reaches 92%. Enjoy warm temperature in winter without spending too much money on energy bill. Don’t worry about its quality; each product is always tested before being released to market. This brand also comes with 10 year limited warranty for unit’s parts. As for heat exchanger, warranty is valid for a lifetime.

#3. 95G1E

Living in zone 6 is not easy. This is the cold area of the region. Several buyers even prefer to move out during winter to avoid freezing time. Some others that want to stay are better prepared. They should purchase great gas furnace product before winter comes. It is recommended to take at least 95% AFUE rating.

Compared to the other Ducane models, 95G1E has Energy Star label. Buyers could rebate the product if their energy bills are still high after installing the product. In addition, buyers will get Ultra Low NOx model options. For warranty, it is better to check whether buyers’ region is included in the list.

#4. 95G2V

What could be the least desired place to be at during winter? It will be no other than zone 7, the coldest area of all regions. For this reason, buyers need the strongest and most efficient gas furnace model available.

95G2V from Ducane could be the best pick buyers could get. It offers up to 95% AFUE rating and energy star guarantee. This product also installs two stage valves operation to maximize buyers’ comfort and energy usage.

Ducane Gas Furnace Prices By Model

Installing gas furnace to house comes with a price. Buyers could do things separately; purchasing unit only and hiring contractors. Another option is taking complete package of unit and installation cost. If buyers prefer first option, don’t forget to calculate shipping cost as well.

Ducane 95G2V, Don’t forget that this product belongs to top tier model. Ducane puts high price tag for this unit. Buyers are suggested to take complete package including unit and installation. It costs around $3500. If this price is too much, then buyers could try to calculate unit cost separately. One unit is sold for $1950.

Ducane 95G1E, Buyers have right to choose which model they want to take. With similar budget to Ducane 95G2V, they could also bring 95G1E home. Price per unit is around $1840. It is a lot cheaper than its brother. Including installation cost, buyers will pay almost similar price; $3470. It could be less expensive with a competent contractor but cheap service fee.

Ducane 92G1, Checking budget, buyers only have around $3000 in their pocket. Instead of giving up Ducane, they should check 92G1 model. It costs $1650 per unit. Add up shipping cost and separated contractor fee. If buyers could make less than $3050, then take the offer. Otherwise, just pick complete package.

Ducane 80G2, Buyers who live in zone 1 and 2 are quite lucky. They don’t have to spend $2500 for Ducane gas furnace. Complete package for one unit and installation service is $2350. This product works well during winter. If buyers want to buy unit only, then prepare $1000 in hand. Then, try to find contractor to do installation job.

Ducane 80G1E, Are buyers in a very limited budget? 80G1E is another perfect choice for budget product. It costs $950 per unit. Installation and unit package costs $2300 only.