Daikin Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

As a part of technology development, a gas furnace undoubtedly has provided much more convenient in our house more than we realized; especially in countries that have extreme changing weather. Owning a gas furnace in our house will not only make us comfortable but also has the chance to breathe much cooler and fresher air. No matter how extreme the outside condition, your house is always the best place to be.

One of the most recommended gas furnace brands recently is Daikin. This brand has already started delivering comfort since 1920s and now is considered one of the most purchased gas furnace brands. Surely, there are many reasons and explanations for all of that. Here are some details about Daikin gas furnace that you need to know.

Daikin Furnace Features Analysis

Speaking about features, Daikin provides various features that any top rated gas furnace brands provide. In some area, there are some components that are probably owned by Daikin and any other gas furnace brands do not. That is probably enough to explain why Daikin is considered as a top rated gas furnace brand. Here are some features that you will get from Daikin gas furnace.

Turbular Heat Exchanger

In every kind of gas furnace, a heat exchanger is always the critical part that decides whether the gas furnace will be working well or not. In fact, a heat exchanger may be the best part or component of some gas furnace brands. Daikin gas furnace is no different. This brand is committed to always provide the best product in every department of gas furnace. The heat exchanger is no exception.

When you purchase Daikin gas furnace, you may not find the heat exchanger because for some series, it is set apart from the rest of the market. Using wrinkle bend technology, you will find the heat exchanger unique because it is constructed from stainless steel. That is the clear reason why the heat exchangers of Daikin gas furnace brands are well known as the most durable and the strongest as well in the market.

Surely the heat exchanger has unique design for some reasons. One of the reasons is to reach the highest level of indoor comfort by increasing the heat exchange ability, no matter how extreme the outdoor conditions change. As a result, the gas furnace can get the indoor temperature under control to provide highly comfortable air regardless how extreme the outside weather is. This turbular heat exchanger features is always the Daikin products’ trademark, followed by its highly efficient gas furnace.

Modulating Gas Valve

Speaking about high efficiency as Daikin products’ trademark, this feature is one of the reasons why Daikin is considered is one of the most efficient gas furnace brands. Daikin apply a modulating gas valve that will allow the machine to able to operate around 35% up to the maximum 100% capacity. This number range only means one thing; the gas furnace is able to operate effectively and efficiently to provide the warm air throughout your house.

By operating at high and necessary capacity, the gas furnace will not only saving energy, but also works in much less noise. It is because of the excellent filtration of the gas furnace that is not only quieter but also produces much fresher and cleaner air to ensure the high level of warmth and comfort.

ComfortNet System

The other feature that all top rated gas furnace brands may have is the ComfortNet system. Most of the ComfortNet system in top rated gas furnace brands is patented.

So is in Daikin. This system in Daikin includes premium capacity range and high rated AFUE efficiency. The ComfortNet system will not only allow you to monitor its system but also to receive its periodic diagnostics.

This system will also provide you maintenance alerts that you can control automatically to manage each unit of the system. The better part of it is that you can run the entire control through remote monitoring system.

This feature will allow you to ensure that you can get the potentially highest efficiency up to 98% AFUE. Unfortunately, there is only one model of Daikin that can reach that number; DM97MC model.

Energy Star Certification

It may sounds cliché for top rated gas furnace brands to have the Energy Star certification, but it does indeed matter. Every single gas furnace brand that has earned this certification is well proven and their performance never lies. That is why it is important to note that Daikin is Energy Star certified. It means that this gas furnace brand can deliver the best performance with high level of efficiency.

Daikin Gas Model Analysis and Recommendations

In deciding what type of gas furnace you need to buy, the very first thing you need to make sure is the size of your house. No matter how good your gas furnace is, if it does not fit the size of your house, there will be only two things happened; either the gas furnace will not fully functioned or you will waste too many amount of heat. That is why; make sure you choose the correct type of gas furnace.

Just like any other gas furnace brands, Daikin comes with numerous series and model that provide different minds of quality as well. Basically, there are three categories of the gas furnace; they are basic product, better product and surely best product. Each category comes with different set up and obviously different features to be offered.

Daikin DM97MC

Just like it was mentioned previously, Daikin DM97MC is the best gas furnace model that you can get. Not only that this model provides the highest efficiency number which is 98% AFUE, this model is the most reliable gas furnace that you can get from Daikin. This gas furnace provides variable speed blower that helps the machine to work optimally, especially during harsh and extreme climate.

Daikin DC97MC

Another best-tier gas furnace that you can get is Daikin DC97MC series. Basically, this model is like the clone of DM97MC. Both models are modulating gas furnace stage that provide variable speed blower and Energy Star certified. The only difference between them is the efficiency number of DC97MC series which is at 97; one percent less from the best product.

Daikin DM96VE

In the better-tier Daikin gas furnace products, Daikin DM96VE may be the best option for you. This model is the best available option in the better-tier with 96% of AFUE efficiency; the highest amongst the better-tier products. DM96VE is a two-staged gas furnace that applies multi-speed ECM blower motor and Energy Star certified.

Daikin DM92SS

In case you are looking for the basic-tier products, Daikin DM92SS is the best option you can purchase. This single-staged gas furnace has the highest AFUE efficiency number (92%) amongst the basic-tier. However, as you know, all the basic-tier products are not Energy Star certified.

Daikin Gas Furnace Prices by Model

Here are several models and the prices you need to note:

Daikin DM97MC

As the best series of Daikin and the best-tier gas furnace, it is not so surprising if Daikin DM97MC model is priced as the highest models amongst the others. All of the pricing below already includes the unit installation cost.

– Daikin DM97MC series with 60.000 BTU is priced at $2.050
– Daikin DM97MC series with 80.000 BTU is priced at $2.200
– Daikin DM97MC series with 100.000 BTU is priced at $2.355
– Daikin DM97MC series with 120,000 BTU is priced at $2.525

Daikin DM96VE

– Daikin DM96VE series with 30.000 BTU is priced at $1.350
– Daikin DM96VE series with 40.000 BTU is priced at $1.485
– Daikin DM96VE series with 60.000 BTU is priced at $1.615
– Daikin DM96VE series with 80.000 BTU is priced at $1.775
– Daikin DM96VE series with 100.000 BTU is priced at $1.900
– Daikin DM96VE series with 120.000 BTU is priced at $2.150

Daikin DM92SS

– Daikin DM92SS series with 40.000 BTU is priced at $975
– Daikin DM92SS series with 60.000 BTU is priced at $1.100
– Daikin DM92SS series with 80.000 BTU is priced at $1.215
– Daikin DM92SS series with 100.000 BTU is priced at $1.350
– Daikin DM92SS series with 120.000 BTU is priced at $1.450