Coleman Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Coleman gas furnace has been around for some time. This company is the daughter company of Unitary Products Group by Johnson Controls and currently manufacturing gas furnaces. Coleman gas furnace has manufactured four product lines so far, such as Coleman Light Commercial Series, Comforteer Series, LX Series, and Echelon Series.

Through its various gas furnace series, homeowners can enjoy a better air quality despite the climate you are in. The review of this brand is quite positive and it has gained a very good reputation in the United States. However, some of its series hasn’t received Energy Star certified.

The popularity of Coleman gas furnaces is often compared to Amana gas furnace. The gas furnaces from Amana is considered one of the best gas furnaces in the United States and homeowners can benefit a lot from them. Compared to Coleman, the gas furnaces from Amana is newer. As an older company, Coleman still maintains its good quality and still exists in the industry.

Although some say that the gas furnaces from Amana are better than Coleman, you can still rely on its performance. In terms of prices, the Amana gas furnace price is also higher. Let’s see what Coleman gas furnaces offer you.

Coleman Gas Furnace Features Analysis

Coleman is one of the best furnaces you can choose and it has various series that are suitable for your needs. But, before you buy any gas furnace from Coleman, it is better if you know the following unique features that this brand has.

Heat Exchanger

Coleman gas furnaces have the so-called heat exchanger. As the name implies, this feature exchanges heat. A series of tubes or coils inside the furnace run through the airflow. The tubes heat up and they will exchange the heat to the air. However, each series has a different size of tubes and coils, but basically, they have the same task.

Although the common gas furnaces use tubes and coils, the gas furnaces from Coleman all use tubular aluminum that makes the unit more reliable, durable, and works efficiently. If you are familiar with the wrinkle technology for Goodman Company gas furnace, you will know that this feature works similarly.

Three-way Drain Connection

The second unique feature from Coleman gas furnace is this three-way drain connection. The drain connection in the gas furnace is very important to make the gas furnace works properly. The condensed air should be drained to avoid it trapped in the heat exchanger and disturbed the overall performance of the gas furnace.

The common gas furnaces usually have two-way drain connection, one for the vent and one for the heat exchanger. However, Coleman gas furnace offers you with three-way drain connection to allow the gas furnaces to drain the condensed air in any direction.

The existence of this three-way drain connection will prevent the condensed air trapped in the gas furnace so that the airflow is not blocked. The three-way drain connection in Coleman gas furnaces are all patented and thanks to it, you can enjoy a better air quality and less frequent service and repairs for the blower.

Gas Valve

The gas valve in every gas furnace plays an important role which is to deliver and adjust the gas pressure to the gas furnace. The steady gas pressure will keep the gas furnace lit when running. In all gas furnace models of Coleman, the gas valve is convertible for both natural gas and propane.

Zero Clearance Feature

The most unique feature by Coleman gas furnaces is the zero-clearance feature. This feature enables you to place the unit in every material even in the limited space. It will produce heat and preserve the energy better.

Coleman Gas Furnace Model Analysis and Recommendations

To find the best gas furnaces from Coleman, you need to consider the cost as well as the energy cost. You also need to consider the climate of your residence. Don’t worry, here are some analysis and recommendations for you.

Echelon CP9C

One of the most high-efficient furnaces from Coleman is the Echelon series, especially this Echelon CP9C. This model is one of the gas furnaces by Coleman that has Energy Star qualification. This model has a 98% EFUE rating and it will help you reduce the cost of monthly gas a lot.

Aside from the AFUE rating, the model also has two technical features that will make you in love with it. The first feature is its modulating burner design which enables you to adjust the heating as you need. The model also Whisper Drive comfort system that will make you quieter motor operation.

Echelon CPLC

The second most-rated gas furnace from Coleman is the Echelon CPLC model. This model offers you up to 80% AFUE that will also reduce your monthly gas tax. The model also adopts the Modulating burner design as the first Echelon design. The design allows you to enjoy the continuous heating level, especially in small increments that are easily adjusted based on your needs.

This model also has a variable-speed blower that will help you reduce electrical consumption. The Whisper Drive comfort system also enables the quieter motor operation that will also save more fuel. This model is quite affordable in terms of helping you safe throughout the months and it is very effective to improve your indoor air quality.


The LX series is basically the middle tier of Coleman gas furnaces. Among all of the LX series, this TM9M is one of the best and it is also named as Consumer’s Digest Best Buy. This model has a high AFUE rating of up to 97% and it is higher than Echelon CPLC. Although the Echelon series is better, this model also offers you with low operation noise, compact size design, and durable heat exchanger.


Another Energy Star rated model of Coleman gas furnace is this LX TM9V. This model has up to 96% AFUE and it is also considered as one of the best models in the mid-range tier. This model has a two-stage burner that allows quieter operation and a high level of comfort. This model also adopts the variable-speed fan motor.

Coleman Gas Furnace Prices by Model

To help you select the best Coleman gas furnace, you need to consider each model price. But before that, all of the following models have the same parameters, such as for around 2,000 square feet mid home size, 10-year warranty, 70,000 to 75,000 btu with 1000 cfm blower, and exclude the labor fee.

Coleman Echelon CP9C, Coleman Echelon actually has the highest price among the series that this company offers. The Coleman Echelon CP9C is one of the premium furnaces that has the best features you can enjoy. If you like this model, you need to prepare around $2,050 for the unit only without the shipping fee. If you want the unit installed, including the labor fee and materials, you need to prepare around $3,700.

Coleman Echelon CPLC, If you want to get similar features as the previous Coleman model but with lower price, this Coleman Echelon CPLC is the best choice. This CPLC model is very suitable for a warmer climate but still gives the best performance as the CP9C model although it doesn’t have the Energy Star certification. You can get this model by paying $1,850 for the unit only and you need to pay for $3,500 for the unit installation cost, including the labor fee and materials.

LX TM9E TM9Y, Another best models from Coleman are LX TM9E and TM9Y. Both of them are included in the mid-range tier and quite popular in the market. Although those models have a lower quality from the Echelon series, you can still enjoy its performance. Each model is sold for $1,400 for the unit only and for $3,000 if you want to include the unit installed cost.

LX TM9M TM9V, Coleman LX TM9M and TM9V both have 97% AFUE efficiency and Energy Star certification. Similar to the previous models, you can get them for $1,400 for the unit only and $3,000 for the unit installed cost.