Carrier Gas Furnace Buying Guide – Prices And Reviews

A furnace is an essential part of your home to provide you with a good heating system during wintertime and fresher air during the summertime. The Carrier Corporation also offers the homeowners its high-quality gas furnace. While the most common gas furnaces provide around 80% energy efficiency, Carrier gas furnace provides up to 90% energy efficiency.

This corporation is the leading corporation to provide gas furnace with high energy efficiency. As the leading company, it provides great examples by acquiring Energy
Star certification. Using the gas furnace from Carrier is said to help your house receive a great heating system while at the same time saving the cost for the furnace itself.

A lot of its models have 92.1 to 96.7 percent AFUE. The gas furnace here generates more heat but consuming less fuel. Using the gas furnaces from Carrier is the best whether you have a small home space as you will cut the cost.

Other gas furnace brands will give you more stress although they have the same specifications with Carrier. You might have a little heart attack because of their expensive installment cost and warranty policies, and it is a whole different story when you choose Carrier.

Carrier Gas Furnace Features Analysis

The gas furnaces from Carrier have their standard and additional features. Before buying one, here are the detailed features you need to know.

Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence was firstly introduced in 2011 and you cannot be more in love with it. This innovation allows you to get more comfort from your home heating system and save more energy at the same time.

This Greenspeed Intelligence allows the homeowners to control and adjust the gas furnace system. Through this technology, you can personalize the humidity level and the equipment will adjust the speed while maintaining to run quietly,

Not only controlling the humidity, but this innovation also gives the homeowners detailed information about the equipment. The homeowners will be able to monitor each equipment and it will tell them when to do the maintenance or replacement.

Carrier Ideal Humidity System

Getting the best humidity in the house will make all homeowners feel more comfortable. Carrier gas furnace is the best brand that allows the homeowners to control the humidity through the Ideal Humidity System. This system can be easily adjusted depending on the season you are in. Not only in winter, but in summer, you will get to enjoy the cooler air.

Infinity Series Special Features

Carrier Infinity System is only available in Carrier Infinity series. Carrier is the one and only corporation that allow you to control the humidity of your home. Unlike other brands, Carrier Infinity System works with multiple speeds and this technology will in circulating the hot or cool air to create even distribution in your home.

The Infinity system is able to change the speeds automatically based on the current temperature. The gas furnace will operate longer and steadier compared to the common furnaces. The fan speed can increase the speed if needed.

The technology works best in the low fan speed that reduces the costs and gives you more benefits. The lower fan speed operates below 60 dBA and it will prevent the noise from the equipment, and even quieter. The lower fan speed here will also improve the dehumidification to make the air in your home feels better and consistent during the summer.

The best thing about this feature is that you can easily control the temperature setting, whether you are at home or when you are away using your mobile phones. Through MyInfinity app, you will be able to control the temperature using an internet connection.

Carrier Gas Furnace Model Analysis and Recommendations

One of the best Carrier gas furnace model is the Infinity series. These series has the highest AFUE although it is slightly more expensive than other models. After the Infinity series, the Performance series is the second best recommendation for the homeowners. Here are the complete analysis and recommendations of each series.

Infinity 98 (59MN7)

Infinity 98 59MN7 is the current top furnace by Carrier. This furnace cost more than the other model, but it will work like magic. This model will give you better heating system and at the same time, you will be able to reduce the gas bills each month.

This gas furnace works by analyzing the temperature in your house and it will adjust the output to give you the right amount of heat. The Infinity 98 also works at a different speed and you will not hear any noise during the operation. Not only helps you get a better heating system for the house, during the summer, but this gas furnace will also help you reduce the humidity.

Infinity 96 (59TN6)

The second best gas furnace by Carrier is this Infinity 96 59TN6. This model operates in 2-stage heating with 96.7% AFUE which is suitable for lower energy use. This model also works in a quieter mode while giving the best-balanced temperature for your home.

The price of this gas furnace is lower than the first model, but still slightly expensive. The price doesn’t really matter because you will get the best quality and you will be able to have a lower gas bill each month.

Infinity 80 (58CVA)

Infinity 80 68CVA also works in 2-stage heating, but 80% AFUE and is very suitable for the homeowners living in a warmer climate. This model works in variable speed and it will help in balancing the temperature in your house.

Although this model is not Energy Star rated, it still is the best choice for the homeowners. The single fan speed of this model promotes quieter operation and better temperature. During the warmer season, this Infinity 80 will reduce the humidity. If the season is slightly colder, the Dual Fuel Capability of this model will work well.

Performance 96 (59TP6)

Another best model by Carrier is Performance 96 59TP6. This model is the second-best model of Carrier and it also has the best quality. The Performance 96 runs in 2-stage heating with 96.7% AGUE. The model runs in low capacity and it promotes even temperature while maintaining a quieter operation.

Contractor Reviews for Carrier

Carrier gas furnaces are one of the best brands in the world. The company offers high-quality and cost-efficient products. Although this brand is more expensive
compared to other company brands, the homeowners will get the best deals they cannot miss. The products offer you the best features while at the same time reducing the monthly gas cost.

For the servicing, you will receive a warranty, but you still need to pay more for the future service as well as for the spare parts. This company offers you the service with their repairman, but you still need to pay them more than the regular repairman.

Carrier Gas Furnace Prices by Model

Before you buy your own Carrier gas furnace, you definitely need to know the price of each model. The models listed here are all using the same parameters, such as the same blower size that is suitable for around 2,000 square home. If you have a larger home space, you need to consider buying the larger furnace because it won’t work well in providing the desired heat on your home.

The most expensive model by Carrier is the Infinite series. The series has better features and better performance compared to other models. The highest price for this series is $2,550 for Infinity 98 Greenspeed 59MN7. The price is for the unit only without the shipping fee. If you also want the gas furnace with the material as well as the labor fee, you need to pay for &5,600.

If you want the same series, but need the lower price, you can go with Infinity 96 59TN6 or Infinity 80 58CVA. Those two models cost only $1,700 and $1,500. With the material and labor fee, you just need to pay $4.050 for Infinity 96 and $2,800 for Infinity 80.

The Infinity series definitely gives you the best features, but the Performance series will also work well for your home. The series is a lot cheaper and it also great to maintain constant heat while reducing the monthly gas cost.

The unit of this series is cheaper than the unit of Infinity series. However, the unit installed cost will be the same or slightly more expensive than some Infinity models. Performance 96 59TP6 is the most expensive gas furnace of this series. To have the unit of this model, you need to pay $1,650 which is slightly expensive than Infinity 80. The unit cost including the material and labor fee will be around $3,500.

Carrier Gas Furnace by Size

Before choosing the Carrier gas furnace for your home, you need to consider the following furnace size. The furnace size is from the Carrier Performance series with 95% AFUE. 10-year warranty, labor fee, but without new ductwork.

The smaller furnace is Carrier 40,000 BTU or British Thermal Unit for 600 to 1000 square feet. The unit and the installation will cost you around $2,130 to $2,350. For larger home size, like 2300 to 3000 square feet, you need to consider choosing the 120,000 BTU that will cost you around $4,320 to $4,500.

The conclusion is the larger the home size is, the larger the furnace you need. It also means that you need to prepare more money for the unit and the installment cost. Here are some considerations to help you choose the right gas furnace size.

Roughly Measure the Home Size

Choosing the best model of the best series of this Carrier gas furnaces will be no use if you do not consider your home size. The home size here will determine the gas furnace performance to create a better heating system for your home during the cold season. The smaller gas furnace size won’t really work in a larger house and vice versa.

Consider the Rooms of the Home

To choose the right gas furnace for your home, you need to consider not only the rough size estimation, but you also need to consider the room of your home. You need to consider each room size, the orientation of each room, and many more. The heating system will not work too even if you choose the right gas furnace size.


The climate also plays a big role to help you choose the right furnace size. The warmer area requires less heating system compared to the colder area. The landscape around the house also contributes to the heating system.