Bryant Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

In this modern era, comfort zone in our house is such a necessity. There are many things that we can do to afford that comfort. One of the things that we can do is by installing a furnace in our house. Decades ago, we might think that a furnace is such a luxurious thing. Nowadays, furnace is like a thing that every house needs, especially when it comes to a long cold winter season.

There many types of furnace that people like to install in this house. From all of the types, there are three types that people like to use the most. All the three types are gas, oil, and electric furnace. Considering the number of brands and products out there, gas furnace is fairly a type of furnace that people like to use these days. It is believed that gas furnace produce more efficient heat compared to other furnace types.

Speaking of a gas furnace, there are plenty of brands you can take a look in case you are looking for one. One of the brands that people like to purchase is Bryant gas furnace. It is safe to say that this very brand is amongst the gas furnace brands that people like to purchase. Obviously, there reasons why people trust this brand. These explanations may help you to find the reasons.

Bryant Furnace Features Analysis

The first thing that always makes a brand stands out is its features. Talking about features, Bryant gas furnace products offer some features that you may not find in any other gas furnace products. This is why some people strongly agree that Bryant products are up there amongst with some others highly rated brands. Here are the three main features of Bryant gas furnace products.

Low Price and Brand Recognition

When we are about to purchase some product that people know is highly rated, all that come to our mind is typically a high price tag as well. That is what you will not find if you decide to go for Bryant gas furnace products. Despite of its highly rated review from the majority of users, Bryant gas furnace products average the price tag around $2.300. That kind of number seems like a price for an average gas furnace.

However, Bryant gas furnace products are not just average. Compared to other gas furnace brands with more expensive or cheaper price tag, this price tag of Bryant gas furnace products is totally fair. Especially when you consider the quality that you will get, that price is like a good investment. To be fair, there are some similarities between Bryant and Carrier as gas furnace products.

Besides the design, that is well known for the brand recognition and its high quality, both of the gas furnace products also apply some features using important technology that are only available in both brands. More than that, Bryant gas furnace products also offer high efficiency, which means will set the operating cost lower. You can freely keep save some money from any unexpected things.

Perfect Humidity and Perfect Heat Technology

Carrier gas furnace products may have the patent right for Perfect Heat technology, but that does not make Bryant gas furnace products become inferior. They react to it by maximizing the staged heating to deal with extreme changing weather. When the gas furnace starts operating, the gas furnace will gently produce heat that will circulate warm air to your house.

Basically that is how Perfect Heat works. When the weather outside starts changing and temperatures start to drop, this technology makes sure that the amount of heat inside your house also change to give you comfort all the time. The same concept works with the Perfect Humidity Technology. This technology is normally available in Plus 90i and Plus 80v series.

It helps the gas furnace to control the humidity and in turn, as well as reducing the possibility of mildew and mold growth while making sure that the air is free of any unnecessary odor. Both of the patented technologies and are invented to maximize the use of gas furnace and to produce convenient yet healthy indoor environment without worrying how fast the weather outside your house changes.

QuieTech System

Just like the previous features, this time Bryant and Carrier gas furnace have another similarity in terms of system. All of Bryant gas furnace products are completed with QuieTech system technology, which is the parent company that gives Carrier gas furnace products their patent rights. Technically, the QuieTech system is designed further to maximize the process of noise reducing produced by the gas furnace.

This system is also designed to make sure that you will get the comfortable warm air throughout your house without you need to be worried about any possible constant interruption caused by the gas furnace. That being said, you do not need to worry if the gas furnace will constantly disturb you with its unnecessary noises, as you can comfortably enjoy the warm air throughout your house.

What’s Difference Between Bryant and Carrier?

After reading the previous part before you must be thinking that Bryant and Carrier are the same products, don’t you? In fact, there are some people out there who are questioning about the difference between Bryant and Carrier as a gas furnace product.

Basically, both them are from the same company. UTC (United Technologies) as their parent company is a well-known company that owns many kinds of products. Bryant and
Carrier are some of them. In fact, almost 99% of the models between Bryant and Carrier are actually identical. It is actually the same like the kind of Ruud and Rheem or Trane and American Standard thing.

All of them are similar to each other and are both reliable in term of producing warm air throughout your house. To be fair, the only difference we may find between them is their respective logos. Apart from it, they totally come from the same company with 99% of identical models. You can even switch all parts of them and they will still be working just fine. To make sure about it, you can check about the corresponding series.

Bryant Gas Furnace Model Recommendations

Now that you already know the difference between Bryant and Carrier, which is none, you can start take a look from the Bryant models. Although both of Bryant and Carrier are from the same parent company, each of them has their own signature products that people usually prefer to buy. In this case, Bryant has some names.

Basically, there are three types of Bryant gas furnace that you can pick. The types are Legacy, Preferred and Evolution. These types determine the quality of the products. Here are some recommended models from respective types of gas furnace.

1. Bryant Legacy 113A

In term of quality, it is fair to say that Bryant Legacy models are the lowest compared to the other two types. In fact, this model only has three units, with two of them are produced as twins. One model that may worth to look is Bryant Legacy 113A. This model may be the oldest model of Bryant brands but it still has its quality to produce proper warm air.

2. Bryant Preferred 127A

Just like the name of its type, Bryant Preferred 126B is undoubtedly the most affordable type of Bryant models, regarding the quality and the price. Although most of all the Preferred types are single-staged furnace, All of them are already supported and designed with DuraGuard protection. This is the feature that will protect the gas furnace from any harsh elements of extreme weather changes.

From all of the four models in Preferred type, the one model that is most recommended is the Preferred 127A. This is only model from the Bryant Preferred type that already provides two-stage cooling. In fact, the price is not much different compared to the rest of Preferred types, which are still single-staged.

3. Bryant Evolution 189BNV

On the top of the list, it is the Bryant Evolution type. There are several reasons why this type is on the top list in term of quality. One of them is because this Evolution type provides gas furnaces for big size house as well. That is why people who live in big size house tend to buy this kind of gas furnace.

Not only that the Evolution type provides gas furnace for big size house, all gas furnaces in this type are well-known for their efficiency in producing the heat. No wonder if the Evolution type is the type with the highest efficiency rate.

Bryant Evolution 189BNV must be your choice if you own a big size house. This specific model already provides variable compressor, which allows you to adjust the temperature easily, as comfort as you want.

Bryant Gas Furnace Prices By Model

As you can see from the previous part, Bryant provides three types of gas furnace, with each specialty. Different specialty surely requires different price as well. Here are some of the Bryant gas furnaces prices determined by their model.

Bryant Legacy 311A and 310A, As it was mentioned earlier, the average price of Bryant gas furnace is relatively low. It is possible because Bryant does set their price below the average of any other gas furnace brands. For example, the lowest price of the Bryant product is only $800 for the unit only. If you include the installation cost, the price will raise not more than $2.300.

Bryant Preferred 925S, It is fair to say that the Preferred type is indeed the most affordable Bryant type for the majority of customers. This specific type already offers the majority the Evolution type’s technology, including the two-staged cooling. Yet, the price for its unit only is still below $2.000, which is at $1.900. For the unit installation cost, the price will be raised not more than $2.550.

Bryant Evolution 987M, If you own a big size house that requires a plenty of warm air in the cold winter season, this is the answer for you. Bryant Evolution 987M is undoubtedly the best possible Bryant product you can get. The unit only is priced at $2.450, while it will be raised up to $4.300 if you include the unit installation cost.

Bryant Gas Furnace Price By Size

In case you are ready to purchase the gas furnace, there is still one thing you need to do; make sure the exact size of your house. It is a crucial thing since the size of your house will determine the type of gas furnace you need to buy. Normally, the bigger the house, the more amount of heat needed. More amount of heat needed means better gas furnace needed, and better gas furnace cost more money.

If you live in a house with range size around 7.000 up to 11.000 square feet, you better go for Bryant products that provide 40.000 Btu. The unit installation will cost you around $2.100 and not more than $2.320.

If you live in a house that is 12.000 up to 18.000 square feet, you should go for Bryant products that provide at least 7.000 Btu. The bigger your house, the more Btu you need. The unit installation cost be around $2.800 and not more than $3.050

Finally, if you live in a house that reach 25.000 to 30.000 square feet at the maximum, you better go for the Bryant with the most Btu power, which is around 120.000 Btu. The unit installation price for this kind of Btu amount is expected around $3.650 and will not be more than $3.950.