Best Outdoor Wood Furnaces Reviews

If you are looking for the best wood furnaces which could be lower the heating costs, take a look at outdoor wood furnaces. Not only can help you to reduce significantly your heating costs but it also could give comfort to your house especially during the cold season. For those who can get firewood from the surrounding, the outdoor wood furnaces will cost you almost nothing, however, if you must buy firewood, the cost is still lower than any other heating fuel.

Outdoor wood furnaces in large size also could heat several locations such as home, hot tub, garage or greenhouse. Some of the brands also have domestic hot water (DHW) feature which could help to provide hot water which means less cost on water heating.

There are many brands of outdoor wood furnaces available in the market with different specification, model and feature. Best wood furnaces will need to have a long durability, excellent performance, easy to maintain and high efficiency.

Top Wood Furnaces

Here are seven best wood furnaces with their unique features for your reference.

#1 Crown Royal Pristine Gasification Series

This American brand uses stainless steel and titanium alloy which called 409 stainless steel. The titanium material helps to prevent the stainless steel corrodes. Even though other brands also use the same material, but Crown Royal Wood Furnaces only use 409 stainless steel which is made in the United States. It could eliminate the concern of consumers about the foreign manufactured 409 stainless which doesn’t have the same strength and integrity as the material that is made in the United States.

Gasification wood boilers have more advantages than conventional wood furnaces. Since it uses less wood to provide more heat, it is more efficient than the old models. Crown Royal could reduce the usage of woods around 35% – 50% depends on the condition of the woods.

#2 HeatMaster SS G Series

HeatMaster SS G Series is the bestselling among other series available from this brand. The HeatMaster SS G Series is a gasifier furnace and built from 409 stainless steel. It claims to be able to reduce up to 50% usage of woods and CSA approved.

HeatMaster SS G Series has a limited lifetime warranty which has a range from 100% warranty in the first five years usage up to 10% warranty from 16 years usage and more. This furnace also has user-friendly features which could prevent the user from excess heat when opening the door, a fan which will automatically start when the user opens the door to avoid the smoke, and the design with glass window which could help the user to see the fire with the door closed.

#3 Central Boiler Classic Edge Titanium HD Series

Central Boiler has made a furnace since 1984 and nowadays are considered as one of the best brands for outdoor wood furnaces. The firebox is made from 409 stainless steel, so it prevents from corrosion. One of the pros of Central Boiler Classic Edge Titanium HD Series is the burn time is longer and up to 48 hours which means it is less wood usage and no need to frequently load the wood.

Central Boiler Classic Edge Titanium HD Series is easy to install and even the user could install it by themselves using the manual and video instructions as reference. This outdoor wood furnace is also easy to operate with an automatic Firestar Combustion Controller feature. This controller is wi-fi enabled which will make the owner easy to monitor it remotely. These series have a 25-year limited warranty.

#4 Polar Furnace G-Class

Next, we have Polar Furnace G-Class which has Vor-Tech, a subordinate burning chamber which could make the burning more efficient. Pollar Furnace claims that this outdoor wood furnace is more efficient up to 99.5% compared to other conventional wood furnaces.

Polar Furnace G-Class has Connect-EZ System which makes the installation much easier for homeowners which means the user could save the cost of installation done by professionals. Connect-EZ System also has multiple docks which could be used for several locations such as outbuilding, garage, pool, home and more.


#5 Heatmor X Series

Heatmor is a well-known wood furnaces brand and X-Series are the top lines. Even though it is not gasification wood furnaces, Heatmor X-Series meets emissions standards from EPA. There are several benefits of having high qualified conventional furnaces such as it doesn’t have more moving parts compared to gasification boilers so it is less problematic and if you have more less seasoned woods, the conventional wood furnaces can burn more efficiently than gasification boilers.

Heatmor X Series also have limited lifetime warranty which almost similar to Heatmaster SS G-Series. Heatmor X Series is also built with 409 stainless steel which is good for longer durability.

#6 Hawken Energy Greenhawk

Greenhawk series from Hawken Energy is EPA qualified and has several unique features such as Afterburner Technology and A36 Carbon Steel. Afterburner technology is similar to gasification process which helps the unit to be more efficient and have a longer time for the seasoned wood to be burned.

Hawken Energy Greenhawk is not made from 409 stainless steel as other best outdoor wood furnaces. However, it is built with A36 carbon steel which with the right treatment could reduce the corrosion risk. Hawken Energy Greenhawk has a 15-year limited and prorated warranty. The user also could extend warranties but with additional costs from US$ 999 up to US$ 1,699.


#7 Mahoning Skye Series V

One of the advantages of Mahoning Skye Series V is the brick firebox which was used by this unit to prevent any burn-throughs. Even though steel is anti-corrosion, but the burn-throughs are still possible to happen with this kind of material. One of the main problems of any outdoor wood furnaces with stainless steel is when it’s no longer can be used, the cost very high to replace it which means it is better to purchase the new unit.

Another plus point from the Mahoning Skye Series V is the gasification which has primary and secondary burning to achieve either higher efficiency or EPA standards.


Compare at a Glance

After knowing the unique features from each brand, it is time to compare for the BTU (British Thermal Unit) range and the price. Crown Royal Pristine has the BTU range 125k up to 390k and the total cost with installation will be around US$9,100 up to US$15,000. Heat Master has the BTU range from 120k up to 340k and the cost is around US$8,800 up to US$17,300.

Central Boiler Classic Edge has BTU range from 170k until 240k and cost range is from US$8,800 up to US$15,000. Polar Furnace G-Class has BTU range from 160k up to 200k and the cost is around US$8,600 up to US$13,500. Heatmor X has BTU range from 200k up to 280k and the cost is the most expensive compared to others which are US$ 9,900 up to US$14,600.

Hawken Energy Greenhawk has the BTU range from 43k up to 117k and the cost with installation is around US$8,300 up to US$11,800 and the last brand Mahoning Skye Series V has BTU range up to 110k and price is around US$9,500 until US$11,300.

We recommend you do few surveys on the website of the manufacturers as well check the guests’ reviews before deciding to buy which outdoor wood furnaces. To select the right OWB size for the outdoor wood furnace, you can ask for a professional technician to determine the right size that will meet your needs.