Armstrong Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Armstrong is not the most popular brands among customers. They will hear about some other brands instead. Does it mean that armstrong gas furnace have less value compared to its competitors? It doesn’t. Armstrong is one popular brand among contractors and HVAC experts. They praise this brand’s features and functionality.

In 1928, Armstrong brand launched Armstrong heating and cooling products. The name if this factory was Lennox Furnace Co. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for

Lennox Furnace. In 1957, Armstrong brand was sold to another party. It took some time before the parent company could reclaim its very own brand. Now, the brand is marketing cooling and heating products under Lennox International.

Take a look at armstrong furnace prices; it balances great features and affordable price. Only few buyers mentioned that they regret to choose Armstrong for their gas furnace. In addition, this brand also offers lots of product lines. They are categorized based on AFUE rating, fan speed and also energy star rating.

In short, buyers will be able to find a product that fits to their conditions, no matter how special these conditions are. They could browse more information through official website. They also could browse closest store from their houses.

Armstrong Gas Furnace Features Analysis

There are several key features you need to know more. It includes:

Two Stage Heating

Between two stages and single stage, which one is more energy efficient? The answer is obvious; two stage system. One single stage fan works with similar motion and power, no matter how high the temperature of internal machine. For two stage fans, the motor could detect overflowing heat from combustion. Then, it slowly increases fan’s speed.

In addition to variable speed motor, two stages heating also absorb humidity in circulating air. If this air is not processed properly, sooner or later it will disturb the whole machine. Since moisture has been removed, gas furnace product could last even longer without any problem.

Heat Modulator

Have you heard about climate control? It is a feature that allows buyers to set ideal temperature in their house. Before this technology is invented, buyers should set this manually. Once they forget to change it, they will experience hotter or colder weather for a day.

Luckily, Armstrong offers heat modulator in each product. Therefore, buyers will be free from unbalanced temperature problems. Smart system could be set early to accommodate annual schedule. If there is any change, buyers are free to change it. Furthermore, heat modulator from Armstrong is the brain of dehumidification system performed by variable speed fan.

EXH Technology

In order to make their products special, each brand usually makes their own signature features. This feature cannot be found in any other brands. For Armstrong, this special feature is called EXH. Why is it different from normal setting? Armstrong manufacturer holds machine by crimping, while normal setting still welding them.

The effect of this technology is so great. Airflow is more improved since its design is made to provide most effective setting. In addition, hot spots in combustion chamber will be eliminated as well. After some time, these spots will disturb metal. Years later, it may cause mechanical failure.

Electric Control System

Control system in gas furnace has been around for several years; however, not all of them are going well. Some systems are not working as expected. It is good to be able to program everything but these setting should be monitored continuously as well. Then how is it different from manual system?

To solve this problem, Armstrong installs electronic control system. Its job is controlling the machine; do they work as expected? Buyers will be able to monitor daily report from digital screen. If there is any trouble, then buyers will be notified as well.

Armstrong Gas Model Analysis and Recommendation

While choosing a good product for a house, buyers should always go for the best value. Unless buyers have the budget to buy better product, it is always recommended to stick with good product. In order to determine this good product, don’t forget to include region climate zone. There are seven zones in total, ranging from 1 to 7, from hot to very cold.

#1. Armstrong A801A

This model fits well to hot climate region. Buyers might be more familiar to zone 1 and 2. If buyers want to enjoy perfect temperature, gas furnace product should have 80% AFUE rating. It is possible to have higher efficiency rating, but 80% rating product is strong enough.

Previous buyers of this product love its duel fuel options. Combining gas and electricity fuel, buyers don’t need to worry about high monthly energy bill. Moreover, this model makes less noise, both in the beginning or during operation. Its quiet combustion rechnology also provides even heat in the room.

#2. Armstrong A802V

For those who live in warm and moderate climate area, A802V is perfect choice. If buyers are not sure whether their region belongs to warm or moderate, check the zone. It should be number 1 to 3 zone. Both of them require at least 80% AFUE rating.

Since A802V is higher model than A801A, it has almost similar features. There are several additional features; ultra low NOx, Comfort Sync Thermostat, Remote Access, and internal insulation. Being able to set these features will guarantee perfect temperature every day.

#3. Armstrong A951A

Do you live in cool temperature region? It is labeled as zone 5 in climate map. If buyers’ answer is “yes”, then do not hesitate to choose A951A from Armstrong. It offers 95% AFUE rating, just like what this region needs.

Why they need this high efficiency rating? It is to save more energy. Cool climate could have drastic temperature change. Any other product with lower efficiency rating is not recommended as it might absorb more energy.

#4. Armstrong A962V

Some buyers live in very cold area. Check whether you also live in similar region; it is zone 7 in the map. In order to handle extreme temperature, buyers will need best efficiency product with long lasting parts. Look at A962V features. This model has everything buyers’ needs.

Efficiency rating of this product is 96%. It maximizes all gas or electricity and turn them into heat. Only 4% energy goes as waste. In order to get best product, manufacturer also put advanced heat exchanger made from steel.

Armstrong Gas Furnace Prices By Model

Every model from Armstrong is tagged with different price. The higher the price, the better features buyers will get. Learning about product price will also help buyers to decide whether they could buy them directly or delay it until their saving suffices.

Armstrong A97MV, As the best model from Armstrong, buyers cannot expect this product to be sold in low price. Per unit only, buyers will spend $1650. If they want contractors to install the system, then total bill will be $3250.

Armstrong A962V, This is the second best option buyers could get. Its price is just slightly different from the top product. If buyers’ requirements could be found in this product, then just get it. One unit will cost around $1600. Total payment including installation will be $3150.

Armstrong A951E, Are you looking for any Armstong product under $3000? Then there are two options; A951E and A951S. Both are sold for $1350 per unit. Don’t forget to calculate shipping cost as well. Including installation cost, buyers only need to pay around $2800.

Armstrong A931A, Another option for under $3000 budget is A931A. It already has average features any Armstrong product offers. Buyers should check its features before buying. One unit’s price is $1200. Keep in mind that it doesn’t include shipping cost yet. Add installation cost and the total will be $2630.

Armstrong A802V, Just like the other brands, Armstrong also provides budget product. Take a look at A802V. Buyers could bring home a unit with $1150 only. Need help from contractors to install the unit? Then make sure total price is around $2500.

Armstrong A801A, For cheapest Armstrong model, nothing could beat A801A. One unit’s cost is just $800. Many contractors are willing to help to install this unit with $2250 only. Isn’t that a great offer?