American Standard Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Not all brands have the honor to sell both residential and commercial HVAC system. However, American Standard gas furnace easily slips into market as best selling product. Buyers know this brand for its high quality and great durability. Its company was established in 1929. American Standard is the name of this mighty company.

Extending its service, leaders from this big manufacturers decide to sell bath and kitchen products as well. For a while, business makes profits. It was big enough to take over Trane, another HVAC brand in1984. With Trane as newest family member, American Standard officially produce three different items at once.

Things are going well. Then in 2007, American Standard’s HVAC products and kitchen appliances are sold to current parent company Ingersoll-Rand. With that said, the only remaining product from previous management is Trane. Luckily, over handling is not affecting American Standard furnace prices. Buyers still get quality products for decent price.

If American Standard and Trane come from one company, then how are they different from each other? The answer is simple. One is marketed to middle to low economy buyers, while another is targeting buyers with fancy taste and thick wallet. American Standard belongs to first description.

American Standard Furnace Features Analysis

What makes buyers love this great brand so bad? Some say it is the quality, while several others claim that they could get best option with their limited budget. For first time buyers, they should also add features to their consideration lists. It will be difficult to find best product without learning about its features.

Comfort R

If buyers have done little research previously, they will know that Comfort R is also found on Trane. Yes, both of them share this feature and put it as their great advantage. Comfort R works to lower humidity and moisture in a room. In addition, it also maintains average temperature in the entire house.

How is this possible? Inside any heater, there is a blower fan. In other products, blower fan keeps consistent movement and strength. When compressor loads more moisture, fan will not remove much. On the other hand, Comfort R starts spinning slowly. Once compressor loads moisture out, blower fan will work harder, removing enough to maintain ideal temperature.

Hot Surface Igniter

Do buyers know that every furnace has different ignition system? Some old style furnaces require fuel. To keep the fire lit, buyers should check fuel level periodically. In many cases, some fuels are wasted during warmer season like summer and spring. Since heating function is active, buyers might get unnecessary heat.

Hot Surface Igniter offers new approach to heating system. Instead of using fuel, igniter is turned on by electricity. Thus, it is ensuring safe start for buyers and family. In addition to this advantage, Hot Surface Igniter also raises efficiency level to maximum. No electricity energy will be wasted.

Vortica II Blower

This is technically the most wanted parts for any furnace products. Not all brands could use it. At the moment, this strong furnace part only belongs to Trane. The other products then try to make their own blower. Trane simply lends its technology to American Standard. What is it for? The goal is raising American Standard’s quality.

Including this blower to furnace product will give instant improvement on air circulation term. There will be no more bad air circulation. In addition, buyers could enjoy silent operation, as Vortica II Blower produces very minimum noise.

What else make Vortica II special? First of all, it is made from strong and durable material. It could stand corrosion, rust and also crack. To start its engine, machine will absorb less energy. For long term use, any product with this blower in it would safe more money on energy bill.

American Standard Furnace Model Recommendation

Check out the following recommendations you should consider:

1. Silver SI 80

When buyers are looking for most affordable product, it doesn’t always mean that buyers do not want best value. Some house owners or house rent landlord take low budget heating furnace to maximize offered facilities to new comers. Especially for those who live in hot area (zone 1 and 2), they really need something durable.

Its AFUE level reaches 80%, stronger than any old type furnace in the market. In order to circulate air through rooms, Silver SI 80 install multi speed blower motor. Even though it works on minimum or maximum level, no disturbing noise will be heard. Even cabinet inside the machine is insulated to prevent any noise.

2. Platinum 80

Are there any buyers who live in warm climate? On map, people often point it as zone three. To deal with winter in this area, buyers will be recommended to purchase two stages furnace. It is true that two stage furnace is not the fanciest. However, this is more than enough to warm up house in warm area.

Platinum 80 is not yet an energy star labeled product. However, its AFUE level already reaches 80%. In order to maintain best temperature, Platinum 80 usually runs on lowest setting. Unless there is drastic temperature change, it will not activate the highest setting. Buyers could choose different range of size; 48000 BTU to 111000 BTU.

3. Gold 95

Heating furnace places first for highest priority for houses in cold area. People usually refer to this area as zone 6. Winter is harsher than moderate to warmer climate. For this reason, buyers who come from zone 6 will need a product with incredible strength and long lasting performance. Luckily, American Standard Company offers one option; Gold 95.

It is important to have a product with energy star label. Otherwise, buyers will spend a lot of money on operational and maintenance. Gold 95 has energy star label on it. Furthermore, it also has almost 100% AFUE; 96.7% to be exact. The company installs two stage burners to control temperature.

In addition, buyers will also get Comfort R feature. There will be less humidity in the air as this unit works together with air conditioner. Its cabinet is insulated and made from steel. This combination reduces heat loss, transferring all heat into the house only. Lowest BTU for Gold 95 is 57.000. The highest BTU is 114.000.

American Standard Gas Furnace Prices By Model

Usually, buyers need contractors’ help to determine which model to take and how much they should pay for unit and installation. Some buyers are okay with any price the contractors give. Several others, however, need price range. In this case, they could use the following calculation. Keep in mind that these units are based on 70.000 – 75.000 BTU made for 2000 square feet house.

Platinum 95, For best product, buyers need to pay a little bit more. Platinum 85 is sold at $2050 per unit in any store. For installation cost, buyers will pay around $4200 dollars per unit. Don’t be surprised to find that installation cost is higher than the unit price. Fancy thing needs special treatment. Plus, not all contractors could install it properly.

Gold 95V/95, This is another option for buyers who are looking for high efficiency product. It has top noth performance with slightly cheaper price than Platinum 95. Price per Gold 95 unit will be about $1950. Installation cost will be around $2150. Total bill for both unit and installation work will be $4100.

Platinum 80, Buyers could always start from budget wise to decide which unit to choose. Remember to include installation cost in it. If buyers’ budget is under $3000 for installation and unit, then take Platinum 80. One unit is sold at $1300. After installation is completed, buyers will pay around $2650 for unit and service fee.

Silver 80h, Looking for lowest budget for American Standard product? There is no better answer than Silver 80h. This is the most affordable option of all. One unit’s price is below $1500. Buyers should only pay $1200 per unit. Then if contractors’ service is added, total bill will be $2500. Isn’t it cheap? Buyers could get American Standard for $2500 only!