Amana Gas Furnace Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

In order to live with comfort in our house, we are willing to do anything necessary to provide the comfort we are looking for. Decades ago before technology was not as developed as today, people like to do any conventional ways to provide comfort. One of the examples is building a fireplace inside their house to provide the warm they need, especially when it comes to a long cold winter season.

In this era when technology is way more developed then before, people are no longer using a fireplace to warm their indoor area. That more developed technology is called a furnace. This kind of technology allows us to manage the amount of heat we need inside our house. Unlike a conventional fireplace, people can operate a furnace anytime they want without any hassles and difficulty.

Obviously, there are many types of furnace that people can use nowadays. From all of the types, has furnace turns out to be the type that people like to use the most. Of course they have their reasons, but in fact, many top brands nowadays are gas-typed furnace. Amana gas furnace is one of the kinds.

This brand is consistently amongst top brands in the market. For more details, here are some explanations about this very brand, including Amana furnaces prices, models and features.

Amana Furnace Features Analysis

Just like any other gas furnace, Amana gas furnace stands out with its own features and signatures. It is fair to say that Amana may be not the best brand available in the market, but you may find any features in Amana gas furnace that any top gas furnace brands may not have. Here are some main features of Amana gas furnace.

ComfortNet Communicating System

A coordinated components system in any air conditioning and heating operation takes critical part in maintaining and optimizing the energy efficiency and climate control inside the house. In other words, to decrease the amount of wasted air spreading into living space inside the house, the coordinated systems in the gas furnace have to match the ability of blower speed with the heating capacity while also optimizing the energy efficiency.

This kind of communication system is a crucial part in a gas furnace. Speaking of communication system, the ComfortNet Communicating System feature in Amana gas furnace is arguably one of the most effective coordinating and communicating system you will ever see.

The ComfortNet as the brain of the system works to send the data to every component in the gas furnace to accommodate the operation.

To diagnose any unwanted issue and detect any irregular changes, the control monitor is synced to the communicating system. That being said, the system will be able to correct any problems or notify for needed services within minutes.

Self-diagnostic Control Board

If the ComfortNet Communicating System works its job specifically to maintain the energy efficiency, there is another feature that is made to and focused on controlling the gas furnace condition by itself.

This next feature from Amana gas furnace is called Self-diagnostic Control Board. This feature programs some special units in the gas furnace to detect and diagnose any unwanted problems as soon as they appear.

This system works by sending the diagnosis and report them to the control board. Only then, the self-diagnostic system in the gas furnace can prevent any further problems to appear. This process of work allows the machine to manage and repair the unit in much easier ways.

Energy Star Certification

Another feature that usually makes any gas furnaces, in this case Amana, are top rated is an Energy Star certification in it. This kind of certification is necessarily needed in any modern gas furnace nowadays.

Every product with Energy Star certification in it is well-known for its efficiency in energy use. That being said that the majority of Amana gas furnace products are energy efficient, which will allow you to save some expense for your monthly bill.

Lifetime Warranty

If you think all of those features are still not enough to convince you, there is a lifetime warranty for the majority of Amana gas furnace products. You may think that most of any other gas furnace brands nowadays do have a lifetime warranty, but to make you feel better, Amana gas furnace brands are well-known as one of the best warranty providers in the market

Most of the components in Amana gas furnace come with a lifetime warranty, including the heat exchanger. While any other minor components come with ten-year warranty, but it is almost impossible to see them be broken.

In order to get the warranty, you have to register it first within 60 days after the unit installation. More than that, Amana gas furnace also provides extended services agreement.

Amana Furnace Model Recommendation

When it comes the model of Amana gas furnace, there are many factors that you have to consider. The first thing you need to consider is surely the size of your house. You have to make sure that the gas furnace you will purchase will suit the size of your house. Too much amount of heat for a small house is surely inefficient, too little amount of heat for a big house will not be enough for the family.

Another factor that you need to consider besides the size of your house is the AFUE number of the gas furnace. The highest the number, the more efficient the gas furnace will work. You may also consider whether the gas furnace is single-stage, two-stage or modulating stage. The stage will help you in controlling the amount of heat you need in particular times.

Amana AMVM97

This series of Amana gas furnace is undoubtedly in the highest order of Amana products. This AMVM97 series has the AFUE number that reaches 97% efficiency; the highest amongst Amana products. This AMVM97 series is also the only product with modulating stage and provides variable blower speed.

Amana ACVM97

Just right under the AMVM97 series, you will find Amana ACVM97. Technically, this series is almost similar with the previous one. It has 97% of AFUE efficiency number and comes with variable blower speed. However, the only significant difference is that this series is a two-staged gas furnace.

Amana AMVC96

On the third list of the most efficient Amana gas furnace products is the AMVC96 series. Want makes it comes third is its efficiency AFUE number which is ‘only’ 96%, compared to 97% of the previous two products. This series a two-staged gas furnace as well and provides variable blower speed.

Amana Gas Furnace Prices By Model

After you have considered all the factors, now it comes to the prices. There are many factors that determine the price of a gas furnace. In this case, Amana determines the price by the efficiency rate and the Btu that the gas furnace provides.

Amana AMVM97 and ACVM97, Although the AMVM97 series has one percent higher of AFUE efficiency number and provides modulating stage, its price is exactly the same with the ACVM97 series which is a single-stage gas furnace. For the unit only, Amana will charge you for $2.550, while it will raise to $3.200 if you include the unit installation cost as well.

Amana AMVC96 and ACVC96, If the first-class-priced products of Amana are too much for you, you may go for the lower price for Amana AMVC96 and ACVC96 series.

The price of both series is around $2.350 for the unit only. If the unit installation cost is added, the price will raise not more than $2.950.

Amana AMSS92 and ACSS92, In case you are looking for the cheapest choice of Amana gas furnace products, you can go for these Amana AMSS92 and ACSS92 series.

With 92% of AFUE efficiency number, both series are priced at $2.150 for the unit only, and it will raise not more than $2.500 if you include the unit installation cost.