Gas Furnace Buying Guide – Reviews And Prices

Decades ago, it was fair to say that owning a gas furnace is a kind of luxury. Not every family could afford to buy it. If you had one in your house, you would be considered from a high class society. Nowadays, gas furnace has become necessity. Although it does not mean that every family has to own one, owning a gas furnace is affordable to all families.

Obviously, a gas furnace in your will do many favors, especially on a cold winter season. There will be no better feeling than sitting comfortably on your warm living room, while enjoying the snowflakes falling. In some area, a cold winter season possibly takes more time than the weather forecast has predicted. Hence, a gas furnace for moments like that is a necessity.

However, there are a lot to think about once you have decided to purchase them. One of the matters is usually about the price. Like any other units, gas furnace prices can range variably. Mostly it will depend on the size of households that the gas furnace operates on. In case you are looking for one, here are some gas furnace reviews you can consider to.

Factors that Affect Gas Furnace Cost

There are several factors that affect your gas furnace price. It includes:

Furnace Quality

Normally, there are three categories of quality; budget brands, standard brands and premium brands. Budget brands normally offer you at least 12 to 15 years of gas furnace durability. Of course, this category offers the lowest cost compared to others. Some of the brands of this category are Goodman, Airtemp, Payne, Ameristar and Aire-Flo.

Up next are standard brands, which offer you around 15 to 20 years of gas furnace durability. The prices of these brands are more extravagant but not the most expensive yet. Some of the brands are Daikin & Amana, Keep Rite & Tempstar, Rheem & Ruud and York & Coleman.

The last category is the premium brands, which offer you the durability period from 20 up to 25 years. Of course, they are the most expensive brands on the market. Some of the brands are the likes of American Standard & Trane, Day & Night and Lennox.

Furnace Performance

There are three categories of furnace performance; they are basic performance, better performance and best performance. Basic performance is typically made by all brands. This performance applies single-speed blowers and single-stage gas valves.

Meanwhile, better performance category comes with two-stage gas valves supported by variable-speed and multi-speed blowers to offer you more balanced temperature. This feature is mostly made by standard brands and premium brands.

Then for the best performance of a gas furnace, you will obviously get more than what the basic and better performance offer. It has variety of gas valves capacity, as well as multiple speed blowers to support the performance. Standard brands and premium brands have this feature.

Furnace Efficiency

Just like the two previous subject, the furnace efficiency is also down to its quality category. Some of the basic and better performance with single heat exchanger has 80% furnaces efficiency. While the 90% to 96% furnaces availability is normally offered on the basic and better performance that supports secondary heat exchanger.

For the maximum of 98,7% furnaces efficiency, you will get the best secondary heat exchanger possible when you purchase the brands that have the best performance. This level of efficiency is efficient enough to warm your house for at least the next 20 years.

Furnace Size

Talking about the gas furnace size, you have to really measure the size of your house to begin with. Choose the gas furnace with the size that suits your need. Basically, different type of furnace provides different amount of heat. Most of the gas furnaces sizes are available in 40.000 BTU up to around 120.000 BTU; with the possible expand around 10.000 to 20.000 BTU.

Gas Furnace Prices by Leading Brands

When it comes to price, there are many factors that you have to consider. Not only that the gas furnace will warm your house for at least a decade, you also have to consider factors like size, efficiency, and mostly about the quality of the gas furnace.

More than that, you also have to decide whether you will install the gas furnace by yourself or just hire some licensed professionals to do the job. Some brands may cost you the installment more than the price of the brand itself.

However, it is worth to note that most of gas furnaces have the durability for more than a decade. Investing a lot at the beginning will not be a bad move to ensure you can maximize the durability period. Hence, here are some of the best available gas furnace brands prices alongside with its installation cost.


If you want to start from the basic performance gas furnace, Goodman is the most recommended choice. Compared to any other brands with basic performance, this brand comes with the reasonable price. For the unit only, it is priced at $820. With its installation cost, $2.010 is a reasonable price you can get from a basic performance gas furnace.


Talking about the better performance gas furnace, there is no better option than Rheem. This brand has its reputation of delivering high class products. Gas furnace is no exception. Rheem is the most recommended brands among the better performance gas furnace. The price of the unit only is $1.115 and $2.955 if you include the installation cost.

American Standard

Just hearing the name, you must be sure that this brand is the brand with the best performance. American Standard is indeed the best option you can purchase compared to any other best performance gas furnace. Its high price tag always comes for many reasons. The price for the unit alone is $1.545 and up to $3.200 with its installation cost.

Gas (Propane) Furnace Prices by Size

Every time you are about purchase a product, the size always matters. In this case, the size of a gas furnace does not always determined by its physical size. The size is determined by the heat amount of gas furnace in raising your house temperature.

This is why the size of your house becomes important. The bigger the size of your house, the more amount of heat you will need. In this matter, the more amount of heat you need, the more money you have to pay. Here are some lists of gas furnace prices from the most expensive to the cheapest determined by its size.

120.000 BTU

This amount of heat is more than enough to warm a house with the range size of 2.300 up to 3.000 square feet. Families with large households are recommended to purchase this amount of heat. You will need to pay for around $4.200 up to $4.400 for the installation cost.

70.000 BTU

The amount of 70.000 is enough to warm a house with the size of 1.200 up to 1.600 square feet at the maximum. This amount of heat is recommended for family with medium households. The charge of its installation is expected around $2.950 up to $3.150.

40.000 BTU

For those who live in a small family and in a house with the size of 600 up to 1.000 square feet at the maximum, this amount of heat is the most ideal option. The installation cost will be expected around $1.980 up to $2.210 at the maximum.

Gas Furnace Installation Cost and Extras

When you decide to purchase a gas furnace, you will not only spend the money on the unit but also its installation. There many factors that determine the cost of gas furnace installation. Here are the details that determine the cost and the extras.

Basic Gas Furnace Installation

Just like we have mentioned earlier, there three quality categories of gas furnace. So are about the cost. The more complicated the gas furnace means the longer it takes to install. Normally, the better the brands, the more complicated the gas furnace.

Using that calculation, the installation cost of budget furnace brands is expected around $1.050 up to $1.625 at the maximum. The installation cost for standard furnace brands is expected around $1.175 up to $1.725, while for the premium furnace brands, the installation cost is predictably starts from $1.350 up to $1.975 at the maximum.


Installing a gas furnace is not only about putting it at your house at make it works. In order to be allowed to own a brand new furnace along with its proper installation, you also have to get a full permit from your local building department. The cost may be different from each area, but it is expected to not be more than $125.


Thermostat is one of the most crucial parts when you purchase a new gas furnace, especially when it has the features to support a thermostat. Therefore, you will also have to replace it with the new one. There are three types of thermostat.

A non-programmable thermostat will cost around $12 up to $100. The cost of basic programmable one is expected around $15 up to $124. While a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat is predictably cost from $135 and not more than $375.

What Size Furnace Do I Need

Deciding what size of gas furnace you will purchase is a crucial part. In some cases, costumers who wrongly calculated the size of furnaces they need ended up with not really pleasant experiences. Therefore, there are several things you can do to determine the size of gas furnace you may need. First thing to do is making sure about how many square foot your house is.

A too small furnace for a too big house definitely will not work efficiently. If it is constantly forced to run, there is a big chance that you will have to deal with the gas furnace mechanical damages too early. Same thing goes with a too big gas furnace for a too small house will not work effectively. There will be a lot of heat amount wasted and usually the machine will not stop producing any unnecessary noises.

Secondly, be aware of the area you live in. Believe it or not, the area you live will also determine the size of gas furnace you may purchase. The clear reason to this logic is about how long the cold winter season you may have. In some area, the cold winter season can go longer than it was predicted before. The longer it may takes, the more amount of heat you will need.

Thirdly, you can also calculate the number of people who live in your house. It also matters since the more people live in the house, the more amount of heat you will need to. Basically it works the same when you determine the size of air conditioner you want to purchase. The more people in the house, the more amount of cold you need.

What Furnace Efficiency is Right for You?

When you have decided the size of furnace you need, the next step is to decide the most efficient furnace for your house. It is worth to remind that a plenty amount of heat does not always mean that it is efficiently working. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the most efficient gas furnace.

Look at the AFUE Rating

This can be the most important thing you should do before you decide to purchase a gas furnace. Always check about its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. A high-rated gas furnace will allow you to lower your monthly expense since it means the gas furnace has high efficiency.

Make Sure about Features

The other thing you have to make sure before purchasing a new gas furnace is to check what features that the gas furnace has. To get high efficiency, there are three main features that a gas furnace must have; they are sealed combustion to protect your house from carbon monoxide, two-stage valves to control the flow of fuel and of course a long period of warranty.

Gas Furnace Reviews for Brands

As it was stated before, there are three categories of gas furnace quality. Here are some representatives of each category.

Trane XC & American Standard Platinum

This American Standard series has the efficiency up to 98,7%, not a surprising number from the premium brands. This unit comes with The ComfortLink II feature that works to report if there is any misuse in the machine. As soon as a problem is found, this feature will repair it within minutes.

There are two units for the Platinum series; Platinum 80 and Platinum 95. The Platinum 80 costs $1.300 for the unit alone and costs $2.650 for the installation. While the Platinum 95 will cost you $2.050 for the unit only and costs $4.200 if you include the installation cost.

Dave Lennox Signature Series

Alongside with American Standard, Lennox series are also favorite based on the selling rate. The furnace efficiency is also as high as American Standard, which is around 98%. Most of Lenox series are already supported Wi-Fi thermostat which allows you to manage the temperature easily.

This unit is also supported by ECM blower at various speeds. The best product of this unit is Lennox SLP98V, which costs $2.350 for the unit alone and will cost $3.700 if you include the cos installation. Normally, this series has around 100.000 up to 120.000 BTU at maximum.

Carrier Infinity & Bryant Evolution

Another top brand you can expect from premium quality brand is the Carrier unit. Talking about efficiency, this unit can reach up to 98,5% of furnace efficiency. This Carrier unit comes with modulating technology, which is still rare on the market even for a premium quality brand.

This Carrier unit is also one of the most quiet gas furnaces since it is heavily insulated. The most popular product from this unit is the Infinity 98 GREENSPEED 59MN7, which is priced around $2.550 for the unit alone and will be priced $5.600 if you include the installation cost.

Heil QuietComfort Deluxe

As one of the International Comfort Product, this Heil unit undoubtedly one of the most wanted gas furnace on the market. This unit comes with secondary heat exchangers made of stainless steel which offers you unbelievable durability.

This unit also efficiently supports ECM blowers with multiple speeds and features modulating gas valves with premium level of efficiency. The best model from this unit is surely the Heil G9MAE G9MVE, with the unit cost of $1.650 and will cost around $3.250 with the cost installation.

Goodman GMVM & GMVC

The last but not least, there is a Goodman series on the market. This unit is literally the best option you can ever get from the budget quality brands. This unit already supports EMC blowers also with multiple speeds. It has the quality of heavy gauge cabinet and stainless steel quality for its heat exchangers.

The best model for this unit must be the Goodman GMVM97 the $2.210 unit price and it will cost up to $3.100 if you include the cost installation. Still, it is your best option from the budget quality brands.